Boost Your Immune System During the Winter Season

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Today’s lifestyles can be stressful and generally involve poor dietary habits, hectic schedules, and anxiety, with little or no time to exercise. All of these factors combined can lay the foundation for stress, tension, fatigue, frustration, and anxiety that can decrease immunity. Many of these factors also increase during the winter season for various reasons.

Seasonal shots may deter the onset or length of some ailments. Over the counter medications may additionally ease symptoms. However, neither of these measures actually supports or strengthens the immune system–which when working in an ideal state, can easily ward off problems long before you experience a stuffy nose or cough.

Reducing stress, getting enough sleep, eating right and getting proper exercise are not always possible. Why not give your overworked immune system a boost by taking preventative measures in addition to including natural dietary supplements that can help build and keep your immune system in optimacondition?

Immune System Support

For most of us, the occasional cold seems normal. Personal philosophies vary from letting it run its course to running out to the local pharmacy and taking various OTCs to alleviate symptoms. What many do not realize, is that a cold doesn’t have to last for seven to ten days. And we don’t have to suffer through a half-dozen or more colds in a year either! There are some very simple measures anyone can take to boost immunity and reduce the onset or length of a cold. Here are just a few practices than can put you on offense instead of defense the next time symptoms begin:

man with a fever1) Slow down and rest. Even something as simple as a little runny nose can be a sign your body is struggling. Take it to heart, increase fluids and do your best to get an extra hour or so of sleep for several days. Cancel appointments or obligations that can wait until you feel better.

2) Avoid food and drink that can weaken immunity. Excess sugar, refined starches, caffeine, and alcohol can put a strain our body’s ability to filter toxins. If a virus or bacteria attempt to take over, there is little “fighting” ability left to defend and eliminate the culprits.

3) Take a walk. This is especially helpful in the cool morning or evening time. The combination of increased blood flow and oxygen can refresh your senses and help with the detoxification process.

4) Increase the intake of water and hot fluids. Pure water provides support to organs and assists in flushing out toxins. Hot fluids, such as herbal teas can break up mucus, soothe the throat and stomach lining, and penetrate into the lungs. Teas that include eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and marshmallow root are especially helpful in supporting immune-system defenses and warding off the “bugs” that form more common symptoms.

5) Add one or several immune supporting supplements. Most of us are aware of the role of antioxidants in fighting free radicals that can contribute to colds or other illnesses. The more common ones include Vitamin-C, Zinc, and Omega-3s. Vitamin-D, trace minerals, and electrolytes are also known to be helpful. Most of us know we need these vitamins and nutrients for everyday health and wellness. Adding an extra dose when symptoms surface will provide the support our bodies need when illness arises.

Though the jury is still out regarding how ultimately effective these strategies may be to deterring or shortening the length of a cold, nobody can argue the benefits of practicing these offensive strategies whether we feel sick or not. Just like you wouldn’t go out in the rain without proper clothing or coverage–you shouldn’t try to battle a cold without the proper tools in place to bolster immunity and help you feel better faster.

Help keep your immune system stay strong by:

  • Taking measures to reduce stress and exposure to illness
  • Taking supplements to help build the immune system
  • Having products on hand in case you begin to not feel well

Suggested Supplements for Healthy Immune System

vitalzym probioticProbiotic 10/50 by Vitälzӯm contains five strains of each Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium; 10 of the most clinically researched probiotic strains in the world. Replenishing these probiotics can positively impact your health and may boost immunity among other beneficial qualities.*
FrankincenseCO2Frankincense CO2 essential oil has a rich, sweet, and complex aroma traditionally used for ceremonial incense and perfumery. For thousands of years, Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) has been used the world over as a source of mental and spiritual stimulation, for immune support, and for healthy skin.*
Grapefruit Essential OilGrapefruit (Citrus x paradisii) essential oil has a light, sweet, refreshing citrus scent with energizing and uplifting properties. It contains a higher concentration of Vitamin-C than other citrus oils, provides immune support, and the stimulating aroma awakens the mind and senses.*
Tulsi Holy BasilTulsi Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is considered a sacred plant in India for its reputation for mental and physical purification while enhancing spiritual awareness. Its licorice-and-clove aroma is uplifting and clarifying. The use of this herb is still considered by many to be the ultimate immune system support.*
Wellness Formula is designed to support the immune system when under physical stress. It contains a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals formulated to boost your well-being. Wellness is a Bio-Aligned Formula™ that goes deep to the root cause of body system imbalances. It is expertly designed to support interlocking components of the immune system, including mucous membranes, cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity. It also addresses interrelated body systems that impact health: antioxidant defense, stress response, and the respiratory system.*
Colloidal Defense is an evolutionary step beyond simple colloidal silver. It is even more effective if taken along with Systemic C and Wellness Formula at the first signs compromised health. Colloidal Silver can be used for supporting skin, eye, ear, and mouth health. Harmonic Innerprizes utilizes the most advanced and sophisticated techniques ever developed for colloidal systems to produce their products. (For short term use only during periods of imbalance.)*
vitalzym-extra-strength-360-liquid-gelcaps-600x600Vitalzym enzymes are extremely effective in supporting immune function. They are adaptogenic, seeking to restore a steady state to the body (1). When the immune system is running low, we become susceptible to infectious disease. Vitalzym increases immune response, promoting the production of more natural killer cells, and improving the efficiency of the white blood cells, all leading to improved immunity.*
Systemic C from Source NaturalsVitamin C antioxidants combat free radicals, directing the body toward greater health. Taking antioxidants like those included in Systemic C can help boost immune function, while protecting our cells and DNA from free radical damage. These antioxidants can also serve as a preventative measure that boosts the immune system during the winter season and beyond.*
mushroom-immune-defense-600x600Mushroom Immune Defense™ features 16 of the best-studied species of health-supportive mushrooms, including shiitake, reishi, and maitake. These mushrooms contain compounds, including beta-glucans, glycoproteins and polysaccharides, which support a wide range of immune defenses.
Childrens Immune Chewable from Source NaturalsChildren’s Immune Chewable supports wellness. Many parents are looking for natural ways to help boost their children’s immunity at the onset of a new school year or winter season.  Therefore, we offer Children’s Immune Chewables to help do just that. This chewable is a robust formula designed to mobilize children’s immune defenses and is offered in safe dosages, with kid-friendly, raspberry flavored wafers.
Arcticpure Omega-3 Fish Oil from Source NaturalsArctic Pure Omega-3 concentrated fish oils are one of the most important additions modern people can make in their daily health programs. Hundreds of studies show that supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids supports the mind, the heart, the kidneys, and the immune system. Rarely does a nutrient so powerfully and positively impact the human body.
Vitamin D3 5000 from Harmonic Innerprizes IncVitamin D-3 is nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin” because the body makes it naturally when exposed to the sun, scientists are discovering that vitamin D-3 is an important hormone precursor that helps support the immune system and helps regulate the health of at least 20 different tissues, including the brain and joints. Vitamin D3 also plays an important role in regulating cell growth, insulin levels, and bone formation.*


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