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Instant Nutrition with VitaStraws and Probiotic Pak Quick Melt

Trace Minerals Research latest breakthrough in enhanced delivery comes in three mouth watering options. Each was developed from over 40 years of research and dedication to offering a variety of supplements containing vital nutrients and over 72 trace minerals we all need to thrive.

VitaStraws and Probiotic Pak Quick Melts are also:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Non-GMO

Vita Straw Magnesium and B6 from Trace Minerals Research

VitaStraw Magnesium & B6

7 Straws – Sip Your Supplements

VitaStraw™ Magnesium & B6 supplies 180 mg magnesium, over 50% RDA of B6, plus 72+ ionic trace minerals per serving. Tasty, easy and sugar-free fun way for kids and adults to get on-the-go nutrients.

VitaStraw Multivitamin from Trace Minerals Research

VitaStraw Multivitamin

7 Straws – Sip Your Supplements

VitaStraw™ Multivitamin contains 16 vitamins and minerals with 72+ ionic trace minerals. Add straw to water, sip, and enjoy! Tasty and fun for kids and adults ages 4 and up.

Probiotic Pak Quick Melt

Probiotic Pak Quick Melt from Trace Minerals Research

15 Pak – Immunity, Digestion, and Oral Support*

Probiotic Pak Quick Melt may be added to food or right into your mouth! Tastes great, dissolves quickly, and contains 8 different strains of friendly bacteria to support immunity, digestion, and oral health.*

QUICK MELT technology means no mixing necessary! Want to add a probiotic boost to your yogurt, bowl of fruit, or smoothie? Just toss it in!

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