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AlphaLearning Institute Complete Study

Etherium Gold Improves Brain Balance and Learning Ability

World Trade Center
C.P. 317 - 6982 Agno - Lugano, Switzerland
Tel: 41 (0) 79 207 0961 Fax: 41 (0) 79 214 8310
E-Mail: adam@alphalearning.com Website: http://www.alphalearning.com

Etherium Gold Improves Brain Balance and Learning Ability
By Stimulating Electro-chemical Reactions in the Brain.

By Sean Adam

Over the past four years, much progress has been made in understanding the brain waves and their effect on behavior and intelligence. It is now known that left-right balance between the two hemispheres of the brain make learning easier, memory more acute and the maintenance of a healthier body an easier achievement.

A balanced left-right brain also allows the brain to gravitate to the lower alpha brain wave frequencies (7 — 12Hz). It is now accepted scientific fact that alpha brain waves are associated with greater intelligence, enhanced mind/body coordination, greater creativity, and less stress.

Sean Adam, Research Director of the Alphalearning Institute, instituted a study starting September 22, 2002. Two subjects with trained brains (ability to meditate and control brain frequencies) were tested extensively over a 2-day period and then observed for the following 6 weeks.


Equipment: Brainwave I, the most sophisticated and accurate 2-channel electro-encephalograph. Manufactured in Switzerland to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and reliability.


  1. An EEG is recorded by attaching 4 small wires to the head with easily removable disposable tabs to view the brain’s activity on the computer screen. This recording is then evaluated to determine the weak and strong areas of the brain.
  2. The Etherium Gold is taken 2 times in 10 minutes while the EEG is recording.
  3. The brain is attracted to the electro-chemical properties of perfect balance generated by the monatomic structure and, therefore, balances and tunes itself.
  4. A second EEG is recorded for comparison to the first EEG to measure the effect and results of the training session.

To properly evaluate the brain functions, administer the Etherium Gold, validate the results and provide an analysis requires the following procedure:

1. EEG (4 minutes) recording the brains performance both by frequency and amplitude on both the left and right while performing the following 6 functions.

  1. Listen to new information
  2. Relax — meditate
  3. Read
  4. Memorize
  5. Recall
  6. Decisions

Therefore, in only 4 minutes, 6 functions have been checked on both sides, left and right, = 12 data points x frequency and amplitude = 24 ways of evaluating the EEG and comparing it to the 30,000 on file in the master data base.

The Alphalearning Institute has over 30,000 such tests on over 3,500 individuals over the past 10 years. This is, without question, the worlds’ most comprehensive database of human thought.

This database enables the Alphalearning Institute to evaluate any system of meditation, martial art, marijuana, medication and now Etherium Gold and their effect on the electronic frequencies of the brain.

EEG before Etherium Gold

EEG after 12 Etherium Gold Pills over 3 days

One does not have to be a neurologist to see the increase in left right balance and the increased emphasis on the alpha range between 7-10 hertz — the learning wave.

The effects are virtually instantaneous and identical on all subjects. There are 2 main effects.

  1. Increased balance between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This is the "holy grail" of all meditative and martial arts practices.
  2. Gravitation to alpha: 7 — 12 Hz. Higher frequencies declined and lower frequencies increased. This is the "holy grail" of all specialists in reading, memory and learning. The ability to learn is maximized in the alpha range.

Further Inquiry

As only positive effects were noted in the 6 weeks, even with variable doses of 0 — 10 pills per day, the second team started testing on November 2.

To date, 10.7 mb of data has been recorded on the 4 subjects. This is over 3 hours of recordings and would require a print out over 2,000 yards long or 20 football fields.

This extensive testing of over 200 pills show that every time the pill comes into contact with the saliva, the brain reacts (in seconds to minutes). Refer to the example below for the sharp reaction in the left-brain the moment the pill touched the tongue. The Yellow (1) is the moment of contact.

The top line is the left brain, the bottom line is the right brain and the yellow line in the middle represents balance. In this subject the left brain was too active so the Etherium Gold had a greater effect on the left (top line). The time scale on the bottom is in seconds. The impact was instantaneous and lasted for 6 seconds.

An electroencephalographic analysis of the effects Etherium Gold
causes in brain electronic frequencies.

EEG Test One
Before Etherium Gold

Left /right by second and frequency (1 - 30)

Average of the 4 minute 6 function test

Relative balance separated into 3 frequencies

Relative % by 3 frequencies and left/right

EEG Test Two
10 minute recording with 1 capsule of Etherium Gold
taken at 1 minute and at 6 minutes.

Linear — left top/right bottom & balance yellow

Left /right by second and frequency (1—30)

The first pill was taken at 1 min 2 sec (see yellow (1) on top of screen) — note the immediate effect for 3 seconds from 1’2" to 1’5" and most importantly note the yellow line in the middle becomes more flat. Perfect balance is a perfectly flat line. The change above would require many months of meditation. It was achieved in 3 seconds.

EEG Test Three
After Etherium Gold - 2 pills

A repeat of the first 4-minute test to determine the amount of change that remained after the session. This tests the brain's ability to learn in all 6 functions and the ability to achieve and maintain balance.

Left and right by second and frequency (1 to 30)

Average of the Four minute Six function test

Relative balance separated into 3 frequencies

Relative % by 3 frequencies and left/right

First and Last minute of the 10 minute 2 pill test

First Minute Last Minute

12 Minute 10 pill test

First and Last minute of the 12 minute 10 pill test

First Minute Last Minute


There is no reaction in the brain when the pill is touched to the skull or even held inside the mouth. The effect is triggered by the contact of the monatomic element to the electrolyte in the saliva. An electrochemical reaction occurs that is of sufficient strength to activate the sodium-potassium battery in individual neurons of the brain.

The neurons then "fire" or "light up" in synchronicity, creating the left-right balance. The balance allows the brain to gravitate to the alpha state.

Prior to this discovery, the only way to achieve this improvement was via years of mediation, martial arts and/or light-sound equipment.

To say the above explanation is a vast simplification would be an understatement. We hope the idea at least is clear.

There can be no question as to the results. This is a chemistry/physics experiment — not psychology. Whether one believes it or not, Etherium Gold is definitely going to change any brain for the better — creating more balance and learning ability.

In the interim — the best advice would be the one about meditation - do it daily and over time the improvement will grow and be cumulative. This is true of all systems from prayer to light/sound. The more you use it, the better the improvement. The same is undoubtedly true of Etherium Gold. The more one uses it the easier it becomes to attain the balanced alpha state.

If I were going to take an exam — mental or physical I would take 2 - 4 capsules of Etherium Gold minutes before. The worst thing that could happen is only a little improvement. But, improvement there will be!

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