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Fibroid Tumor Testimonials


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Living with fibroid tumors can be a devasting and debilitating experience. Since we first shared Lorraine's story about fibroid tumors in 2004, we have helped thousands of women with a natural approach to managing fibroid tumors. We are grateful to our customers for taking their time to share their stories with us. Here are a few stories that may inspire others. If you would like to share your Vitalzym story, please submit your testimonal - we would love to hear from you!

QuoteI was desperately searching for a way to deal with a fibroid the size of a grapefruit for over a year. Doctors said that I needed a hysterectomy, but that was out of the question for me. I tried other natural supplements that helped slightly, but were ridiculously expensive. After taking Vitalzym for a few days, I could actually feel the fibroid shrinking and the small of my back no longer ached so badly I couldnt stand up in the morning. Now, I have had two normal cycles (I no longer feel like I need Depends at night to protect my sheets!), and I can no longer feel the fibroid. I am absolutely amazed!quote
     - C Paris, Washington

QuoteI was skeptical about trying this, but I had a grapefruit sized fibroid, and was looking for a natural treatment. After 2 months, my symptoms virtually disappeared. An ultrasound 6 months later showed it had shrunk by 28%. I haven't had any other side effects either positive or negative. While researching treatments, I found an article by Christiane Northrup, where she says fibroids can be related to the blockage of energy and represent our creativity that has never been birthed. This sounded a bit "out there", but never-the-less, I started taking piano lessons. I can't say conclusively that my improvement is only from the Vitalzym, but I will continue to take it, and highly recommend it. quote
     - Debby, Pennsylvania

QuoteI have or rather had a fibroid the size of a small tennis ball. After taking Vitalzym for only four days, I can feel it shrinking. Believe me. I am the most skeptical person out there, and I did not expect this, but Vitalzym really works! Thank you, Energetic Nutrition!!quote
     - Ashley, New Jersey

QuoteI was diagnosed with a grapefruit size fibroid in early 2012. Was advised my options were to have a hysterectomy or wait until menopause when lower estrogen will naturally shrink the fibroid. Didn't like these options so researched natural ways to reduce fibroids. Found the energeticnutrition.com website and read about Vitalzym. Within 6 weeks of taking 10 capsules per day for 4 weeks and 15 per day for 2 weeks, I no longer felt bloated, lost a few pounds and cannot feel the fibroid anymore. I'm back to wearing my former pant size. What a great outcome! I can't wait to return to my physician to discuss enzyme therapy as an treatment option for fibroids. I'm so happy this product worked for me. Kind regards.quote
     - Gail F, North Carolina

QuoteI tried Vitalzym approximately 7 weeks ago because I was scheduled for an outpatient procedure as a result of large fibroids. My gynecologist suggested I consider a hysterectomy to prevent future complications of the same kind I am currently dealing with. The testimonials for Vitalzym sounded hopeful and the cost was minimal compared to the cost of medical procedures. After 4-5 weeks of taking Vitalzym, I returned to my gynecologist for a pre-op appointment. Following her examination. my gynecologist determined the outpatient procedure was no longer necessary as the fibroids had reduced in size enough that the previously existing complications no longer existed. She had no explanation for the reduction in size of the fibroids but asked for the information that I had printed from your website on Vitalzym. I will continue to take Vitalzym as a maintenance measure and will recommend it to anyone who experiences the same condition I have.quote
     - Renee B, Illinois

QuoteIn 2009 I was diagnosed with a couple of fibroid tumors (softball, tennis ball and ping pong ball sizes). I was advised that it was in my best interest that I have a hysterectomy since I was over 50 and they would not go away and my doctor said I risked the chance of bleeding to death if the condition worsened. At first I said yes to that then that little something told me not to do it, so I started my own research and found Vitalzym, well long story short, the last time I went to have my checkup in 2010 they could not find them :) I went to a different doctor and they even questioned that I ever had any, so these enzymes worked magic for me. They were there in 2009 and little less than one year after they disappeared...Truly Truly I say. Whoo Hooo, Thanks Vitalym another Praise story!!!quote
     - Angela K, California

QuoteI have used the Vitalzym now for many months and it has helped me tremendously by shrinking down my painful uterine fibroids. I thank you for that! This really does work!quote
     - Tina B, Wisconsin

QuoteI don't have a question, I just want to Thank You for Vitalzym, it is making such a positive difference in my life & my well being. I also want to Thank you for getting my reorders to me so quickly. I'm Thankful that I found your product last year, I was feeling despair with how I had been feeling & Vitalzym has made a huge difference in my life. Have a great day!quote
     - Dena C, North Carolina

Thank you for the efficiency in filling your orders.  I have told everyone I know about the Vitalzymes.  I first saw them on your website exactly 2 years ago.  I went to the doctor and found out I had a uterus the size of a grapefruit.  I took the Vitalzymes and within 3 days I had a clear, odorless discharge and within 2 weeks I had lost 4 lbs. From 112 to 108 lbs. I could continuously feel my lower abdomen involuntarily pulling in. It relieved my lower back pain and changed the tilt of my pelvis to a more upright position. I was so excited that I had avoided surgery. I went to my check up one year later and the PA said that my uterus was slightly thickened.  I ordered more Vitalzymes and began to feel the involuntary pulling in of the same area. I haven't been to my annual check up yet this year, but whatever happens, I know I have an alternative that works. Thank you for your service and this miracle product.quote
     - Donna H, Texas

QuoteWell, this is my second month of Vitalzym and my second menstrual cycle was......uh...... practically not there!!!!!!! We're talkin, i recently bought adult diapers to make sure i didn't have problems at work and didn't need a one of them!!!!!! Three days....of normal? (don't remember what that is anymore) cycle stuff!!!!!! Seriously can't wait to see if it's the same next month and not a fluke. I'm not bloated, even after working all day!!!!! Cuts and bruises heal at the speed of light and i'm no longer as tired as i was the first few weeks i took it. I just received the Dimpro.....probably will take the minimal dose on that once i start maintenance on the enzymes. These enzymes..... especially with how many you get, will be staple pills for me to take daily even after I no longer need them......wanna make sure the body is clear of fibrin, toxic crap, etc, daily. Hee hee. I think i'll order that Life Essence too!!!! Soon i'll only be taking maintenance Vitalzym, min mal dose Dimpro to take out some of the yucky estrogens, lactobacillus acidpophilus and Life Essence as my multi from now on. Not one time did i have heavy flow or clots for that matter!!!!!!!! I'm a very happy Marty. Thank you so much for the healthy alternative to removing or shrinking this little tumor.quote
     - Martylou, Posted on Message Board

QuoteHi Hopful! I do not know if you've read my story on here, it's all factual! I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids (the largest being 7cm). I took Vitalzym for 3 1/2 mo., quit and then 3/4 wks later realized "it helped!" No side effects at all, of course I drank PLENTY of water the entire time. All my symptoms had drastically decreased. No more bleeding 3 wks out the mo. (only 1!), no more back pain, no more ungodly bloating. However money was an issue, after selling my house, had money to purchase more a few months later. But, for some odd reason, VZ gave me heartburn :'( .. That was the begining of this yr.(2006). I still have a half of a bottle, I just tried earlier this week, took 3 in the morning...and 15 min. later...heartburn. I've decided to try 2 at a time every hour and a half or so...but, since the decision have not remembered! My work load is extremely heavy at this time, but hopefully I'll get to finish the bottle I have soon..and without heartburn. It's really odd that all of a sudden I'm getting heartburn. I told my doc. how beneficial VZ has been, but it's now giving me heartburn...he perscribed me meds for heartburn. I do not really want to take them, haven't. If you want to know more about my 3 month VZ journey, go back and find my post. I'm A VZ believer! Just wish they weren't so darn expensive. :( quote
     - Gail, Posted on Message Board

quoteI have used your Dimpro product because I found out a couple of years ago that I was estrogen dominant. Much to my surprise, I have also recently discovered that my estrogen level has balanced out, I had my doctor check it a few months ago. I would just like to thank you and your company for all the good things you are providing people such as myself. I was looking at possibly having a hystorectomy if I had not tried out your products, thank you once again. Happy New Year.quote
     - Tracy S, Kentucky

quoteI'm really excited to share this with everyone and anyone. I've been on Vitalzym for 2 yrs now. I started taking it in Dec of 2005. I have a history of large fast-growing aggressive fibroids. Doctors have been wanting to give me a hysterectomy since 1998, and I have refused. I've had a myomectomy AND a Uterine Artery Embolization. And yet the fibroids continued to grow. Back in 2005, as my abdomen was quickly expanding, I prayed and asked God to show me a remedy. Then I got online to research. I was quickly lead to the Energetic Nutrition website and Lorraine's fibroid story. Inspired by her story, I placed my first order. I seemed to notice a difference in many areas almost immediately. My abdomen stopped expanding so rapidly; my energy level increased; my digestive issues went away; and the moles and freckles on my face began to fade. Even if the tumors didn't shrink, I was hooked! I also listened to Dr. Wong's CD on Uterine Fibroids and I began to understand that estrogen dominance had plagued me most of my life. So in 2006 I began a regimen of Vitalzym, DIM, Magnesium, and Progesterone cream. I found that I was somewhat allergic to the Myomin. I adjusted my dosages as dictated by my body. I was unable to sustain the higher dosages of Vitalzym, so I knew that it would take longer to affect my fibroids in any way. After a point, it seemed that the fibroids stopped growing but were still there. And sometimes, especially with the use of the progesterone cream, I noticed that my abdomen actually got smaller, but would increase again with the onset of my menstrual cycle. I remained hopeful and consistant. My first GREAT breakthrough came 5 days ago when I started to experience the worst cramps that I've ever had in my life. I was incapacitated until I called my sister (who is an OB/GYN) and she recommended that I take 800mg of Ibuprofen, since I didn't have any Aleve in the house. That knocked me out and I was able to enjoy the holiday dinners pain free. Then about 4am Wednesday morning! (2 days ago) I got up to go to the bathroom. I wasn't experiencing any pain - just an urge to go. And that's when I passed a HUGE fibroid. I'm not good with measurements - it may have been the size of a plum, but it wasn't exactly round. It had probably already begun to "break down". My previous menstrual cycle had been extremely and unusually heavy so I'm thinking that the process had already begun at that time. As soon as I "passed" the fibroid, I felt great....and much lighter!! :) That's my story (for now). Hang in there all!!!quote
     - Newground8, Posted on Message Board

fibroid tumor testimonial Greetings! Glad to report that Vitalzym really works!quote
     - Lupi D, California

quoteHi Michelle -  thank you for the inquiry about our auto-ship.  I just got a response from Alyson and she says she has enough to carry her through until next month.  Next month she will definitely need a new supply. Thanks again for asking. You should know that between some diet changes and the Vitalzym she is like a new person.  She has resumed her active life style and there is no more coming home and curling up in her favorite chair with a heating pad on her abdomen because that is all she feels up to doing.  A while ago she tried dropping the VZ and just sticking with the diet.  The symptoms began returning and did not subside until she resumed the VZ. I can tell you that as a father there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and and not having the tools to help. Thank you for making such a wonderful tool available.......now if I could just get rid of this nasty head and chest cold I have been fighting for the last couple days!quote
     - Graham S, Colorado

quoteI am so excited. I have only been using Vitalzym for a month and I can already tell it is working. I bought for fibroid relief, and it is working on so many other things too! Thanks!quote
     - Julie E, Kansas

quoteI love the products and feel confident that I can avoid surgery by taking them. Thank you very much for the great support.quote
     - Pamela M, Massachusetts

quoteWe have been searching for an alternative to hysterectomy for uterine fibroids. Your website was very informative and helpful. We hope and pray this is what will help us. Thanks!quote
     - Kenneth F, California

quoteI am on my second order of DIM for hormone balancing. I figured that I would try DIM to see if it would correct my very heavy menstrual bleeding which caused my body to become anemic, and within the first 30 days when I got my period my menstrual flow was normal. I did not soak up every tampon and pad and have accidents that would keep me from going out. I just got my second period after taking DIM and I am still experiencing a normal period not soaking up every tampon and pad and having accidents. This product is phenomenal for me considering that my mother and my only sister both had hysterectomies after being diagnosed with fibroids. I don't know if I have fibroids but I know that I was estrogen dominant and DIM has made all the difference.quote
     - Rudina B, New York

quoteI have called a few times with questions as I learn about your products, and I just wanted to mention how much it means to me to have you there to answer them, and how nice everyone has been. It is scary when you take responsibility for treating your fibroid and have to learn everything from scratch. I really appreciate all of the help you have given so far.quote
     - Kathy K, Pennsylvania

quoteI am very hapy to find this research and this product that is natural to control fibroids. I am very anxious to read these books and to expand my knowledge of pre-menopause and menopause. I only like to take natural products. Thank you!quote
     - Weirette, Alabama

quoteI'm convinced this Myomin product IS shrinking my fibroids. After each monthly cycle, my stomach is slightly smaller. It's a gradual thing. I like that this product is natural.quote
     - Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

quoteDIMPRO RULES!!  All women need to try this before doing a total hysterectomy (which I ran the risk of)...and stay away from beef, dairy and soy. Thanks. This regimen saved me!quote
     - Sara, California

quoteThank you so much for helping women with these kinds of reproductive problems.quote
     - Helen, Philippines

quoteI have been taking Vitalzym for three weeks and I am feeling remarkably better.  Thank you, you saved my femininity and my youth.quote
     - Gail, New Jersey

quoteYou guys are the best. I tell others about you whenever the opportunity presents itself. And also when they don't want to hear, read or have an open mind to consider an alternative. I tell them, print out info from your website and hand it to them personally or send them a link. I could never thank you enough and I will continue to be your one woman ad campaign in New York.quote
     - Tracey B, New York

quoteI just had to order the product again, it is working wonderfully.quote
     - Megan L, Connecticut

quoteIt's a miracle. I read Lorraine's story and there were so many things I could relate to. I've been battling fibroids on and off for 6 years. I have had increasing problems over the past three years with irregular bleeding, cramping and you name it. I have been through 2 Ablations in the past year that have not helped me. My doctor had just given me my last alternative, to have a hysterectomy. I knew there had to be something else.+ Expand to read more

I found Lorraine’s story and everything just made sense to me about the estrogen imbalance and the irregular bleeding causing anemia which I have genetically already. I ordered the Ultra pak and started taking Vitalzym, Myomin, Dimpro, Progesta-care. Then I ordered the SSS Tonic and Sublingual B-total. It's been about a month now.
I cut out caffeine. I've tried to stay away from all dairy except for Organic milk. I've tried to eat Organic as much as possible and lots of veggies.
My irregular bleeding has stopped. I no longer feel like something is pressing on my bladder all the time. My cramping has subsided and I can't even begin to tell you the energy I now have. I no longer feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day. It's nothing short of a miracle for me. I just sent in my reorder as I don't want to run out of anything.
Thank you so much Lorraine for sharing your story. It has saved me from so much agony. I only wish I would have found your site sooner but so grateful for having found it at all.quote

     - Cindy T.,     Posted on Message Board

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