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Children’s Supplements – Supporting Immunity, Brain Health and More

With the prevalence of fast food and a fast-paced lifestyle becoming the norm for children and youth in today’s society, children’s supplements can still benefit healthy, active children of all ages. Add to that an increase in childhood diabetes and obesity, sports-related injuries (such as concussions), and digestive-related disorders and it begs the question: Are we doing enough to give our kids a healthy, strong start to a long and thriving life?

On the flip side, there are more pro-active parents out there than in previous generations. But there comes a point where leaning too far in either direction can still lead to unintentional consequences when it comes to children’s health.

So where is the balance point? At what point do we equip our children with the choices and knowledge they need to understand what they invest into their minds and bodies will have long-term results that can either benefit them or cause issues down the road?

There are many schools of thought out there on the answers to those questions. And each parent or caregiver will need to decide what’s realistic and applicable to their specific child’s needs.

But as a start, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our favorite children’s supplements and why we believe they can be of help to your child’s brain and body health no matter where you stand on the spectrum of alternative to traditional child health issues.

Children’s Supplements for Immune Health

Children's Sinus Support from Redd Remedies

Children’s Sinus Support

Children’s Sinus Support chewable tablets, sweetened with xylitol contain a blend of natural ingredients such as Vitamin C for immune boosting support, bromelain and marshmallow root for thinning mucus and soothing the throat, and more.

Nasal Guardian spray from Natura Nectar

Nasal Guardian

Nasal Guardian provides the whole family with all the benefits of bee propolis in an isotonic solution carefully formulated to promote cleansing and nasal symptom relief while not damaging the delicate nasal mucous membrane. Safe for children two years old and up and may be used as drops.

Throat Guardian spray from Natura Nectar

Throat Guardian

Throat Guardian is the first bee propolis based throat spray free of alcohol that can be enjoyed by the whole family in delicious natural Bee Berry flavor. Contains honey. Recommended for children and adults over age 2.

Children’s Supplements for Brain Health


LTO3 with L-Theanine

LTO3 offers a unique combination of L-Theanine and Omega-3 DHA for mental concentration and focus. It naturally encourages healthy brain signals and induces relaxation without drowsiness.*

Etherium Gold

Etherium Gold in spray, capsule or powder contains monatomic minerals that have been clinically proven to enhance brain function, clarity, and more.*

Children’s Supplements for Digestive Health

Kids Digest from Enzymedica

Kids Digest

Kids Digest chewable digestive enzymes assist with digestion of sugar, starch, other carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, and pectin. Naturally sweetened with xylitol.

Probiotic Pak Quick Melt from Trace Minerals Research

Probiotic Paks

Probiotic Paks are a great way to provide probiotics and gut balance to your kids! Just add to a little yogurt, juice, or directly on the tongue and they’re good to go!

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