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Cosmetic Skin Solutions FAQ

Cosmetic Skin Solutions anti-aging products

Frequently Asked Product Use Questions

How soon will it take before noticing positive results?
Our topical antioxidant serums contain high amounts of Vitamin C which clinical testing has shown significant improvements in the tone, texture, brightness and hydration of skin after a few days of use. Lines and facial wrinkles will soften, skin discoloration and pigmentation will be reduced in as little as two months, although individual skin results will vary. Our proprietary topical Vitamin C serums are fast absorbing upon contact and serve as a protective barrier to the environmental assaults and free radicals.

How can overexposure of the sun be potentially damaging to skin?
The sun's rays in the form of ultraviolet radiation along with environmental pollutants and oxidative stress can accelerate skin aging and break down structural proteins collagen and elastin fibers responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Over sun exposure can develop sun spots and discoloration to exposed areas of skin such as the neck, chest, forearms, and face.

What is photodamage (photoaging) and hyperpigmentation?
Photo-damage is overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. Overexposure to UVA rays from the sun can lead to damage to the skin, which often results in sunburn in the short term. Long term damage can result in premature aging of the skin in the form of lines, onset of wrinkles, sun spots, skin discoloration, blotchy blood vessels known as telangiectasia, irregular thinning of the skin, brown spots, furrowing, especially on the back of the neck, and sometimes at a later stage a sallow appearance of the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a form of sun damage caused by an excess production of the pigment melanin. Overexposure to sunlight can increase the production of melanin causing darkened areas of skin.

What are sun spots and how are they formed?
Sunspots are variations of brown, to tan marks on the skin's surface which are most common to areas exposed to the sun such as the forearms, back of the hands, chest, neck, and face. They are caused by overexposure to the sun's UV rays. It is also a cause of aging, which is why some people call them age spots.

What are Free Radicals?
Free radicals are highly charged oxygen molecules and are harmful to the skin and the body in general. They are usually neutralized by antioxidants like vitamins C, E, etc. However, when the body is overwhelmed by free radicals, they overcome the antioxidants available, which may lead to wrinkling on the skin and may also be associated with precancerous and cancerous skin lesions. The most common causes of free radicals are excess sun, smoking, stress, air pollution and obesity. The best way to fight free radicals is with natural antioxidants, as well as topical antioxidant serums.

What are Antioxidants, and how do they protect the skin?
Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" and hence prevent and repair damage done by free radicals. In much the same way as oxidation creates rust (think of an old rusty pipe), oxidation inside the body causes a breakdown of cells. Free radicals produced by this breakdown attack healthy cells, usually DNA as well as proteins and fats. Antioxidants, or anti-oxidation agents, reduce the effect of dangerous oxidants by binding together with these harmful molecules, decreasing their destructive power. Antioxidants can also help repair damage already sustained by cells. When Antioxidants are applied topically to the skin, they prevent and repair damage done by free radicals, especially from the sun, cigarette smoke, and air pollution.

Would it still be necessary to apply protective antioxidant products even on overcast days aside from sunny days?
It is extremely important and highly recommended for continued use and application of our topical antioxidant Vitamin C preventative and protective products. Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays are abundantly present even on days which are overcast. Ultraviolet rays in the form of natural light are capable of penetrating clouds and reaching the skin. For ultimate protection against UV radiation, antioxidant application, along with a gel, moisturizer, and sunscreen will keep your skin shielded from UVA/UVB rays, as well as reducing the risk of accumulating photo-aged skin associated with prolonged exposure to natural light.

Is sunscreen enough to keep my skin protected from UVA/UVB damage?
While sunscreen is a vitally important aspect of skin health, studies are now showing that it is not enough to fully shield your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Kerry Hanson, a postdoctoral research scientist in the UI's Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics said that sunscreen does provide much needed protection, but the residual [UV] light that is not blocked by the sunscreen can penetrate the skin's surface, creating free radicals – highly reactive molecules that can weaken or destroy cell membranes. Free radicals can also damage DNA, create age spots and wrinkles, and depress the immune system, increasing the risk of skin cancer. Hanson and many other skin health experts suggest using a topical antioxidant product in conjunction with a high quality sunscreen for full sun protection.

How can I prevent over exposure from the sun and maintain healthy skin using topical Vitamin C?
By using appropriate sun protection and our topical Vitamin C skin care formulations which contain anti-oxidant's and anti-aging ingredients is essential for brighter, healthier skin. Topical antioxidants Vitamin C, and Vitamin E provide photoprotective benefits which serve as a barrier from sunlight. Vitamin C defends against oxygen free radicals and helps build collagen. Collagen is a key component of most body tissues and is an essential component for the maintenance and structural stability of collagen. Vitamin E defends against a different type of radical, fat-soluble radicals. When Vitamin C is combined with Vitamin E, a defense against both types of radicals are created, which can provide greater skin protective benefits.

Is eating a diet high in antioxidants enough for skin protection?
While consuming antioxidants in the form of food or supplements is an excellent way to fight oxidation within the body, most of the antioxidants you consume will go to free radical scavenging internally, and will not make it to the skin. Also important to consider is that most people don't get nearly the amount of antioxidants in their diet that they need to adequately balance oxidation internally, let alone on the skin. So, keep eating those green foods and berries, but be sure to apply topical antioxidants for skin protection.

Can topical antioxidants cause skin irritation?
It is possible that vitamin C may cause some skin irritation or redness as it begins to do its work on your skin. If you have never used a vitamin C product before, we suggest starting with a lower potency (the 10% or 15%) and using it every other day until you become accustomed to how your skin will respond to the product. Over time your skin will tolerate higher potencies, though some people may never be able to tolerate 20% on their more delicate skin areas.

Why is L-Ascorbic Acid the best for of vitamin C for skin care?
L-Ascorbic Acid is the form of vitamin C that the body can most efficiently use. Other forms of vitamin C are not easily recognized by the body. L-Ascorbic Acid neutralizes free radicals, protects against UVA and UVB sun damage, stimulates collagen growth, is anti-inflammatory, and regenerates vitamin E.

Is it normal to break out while starting a new skin product?
When you begin to use a new product, it is possible that you may experience some minor changes in your skin as your skin detoxifies and adjusts to the product.

What is the best form of vitamin E for skin care?
For skin health, alpha tocopherol is the best form. It is important to avoid derivatives of vitamin E, as they do not have the same antioxidant effects of pure alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E protects against UV damage, promotes soothing and healing, and neutralizes free radicals.

What type of skin condition (s) are these products designed for?
Our skin care line of products are designed to be used on all skin conditions including aging, dry, oily, normal, mature, sensitive skin types, or any variation in between. Phloretin Serum is oil-free, which may be best for oily skin types, while Supreme Serum CE with vitamin E oil may be best for drier skin types.

Is it safe to use these products if I have rosacea?
We recommend consulting your physician on the best possible treatment for your skin condition.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant, or during lactation?
We recommend consulting your physician on the best possible skin treatment for you during pregnancy or when nursing.

Will these products work for different skin colors?
Yes. Our product line is designed for use on all skin types, including aging, dry, oily, normal, mature, sensitive skin types, all ages, and all skin conditions.

What is the purpose of having amber bottles?
The purpose of having amber bottles is to minimize the amount of light penetration to certain ingredients (in particular vitamin c and ferulic acid) in some products. This will help to preserve shelf-life, freshness, and efficacy.

Will my product be fresh once I order?
To ensure the highest efficacy and effectiveness of our products, it is necessary to use a fresh product. All serums are manufactured on a weekly basis so it is fresh upon delivery.

Is it necessary to keep the products refrigerated to maintain its stability?
No. It is not necessary to refrigerate the products. The ingredients are stable when formulated. Keep away from direct light and store at room temperature.

I heard parabens can be unsafe. Do the products contain any parabens?
No. Our products are paraben-free.

Do you have animal product testing?
No. We do not conduct any product testing on animals.

Is the packaging material used recyclable or biodegradable?
Yes. Recycling preserves water, natural resources, and conserves energy. We take pride in helping to preserve these natural elements and resources by using packaging materials which are produced from 100% recycled materials. All product bottles are made of glass which are 100% recyclable. We use Biodegradable packing peanuts which decompose in water leaving no toxic waste, are static-free organic starch, and are FDA compliant. We encourage you to partake in having good recycling habits, which will be beneficial in preserving both our natural resources and earth.

Where can I find the expiration date and shelf-life of products?
All products including topical Vitamin C treatments are manufactured every week to ensure absolute freshness with the highest level of efficacy. The open container symbol below tells you the recommended number of months within which the product should be used after you have first opened and used it, provided the product has been stored under normal conditions and not exposed to extreme temperatures. This is referred to as the "period after opening", which is in compliance with European Union Guidelines.

For example, 12M means that you should replace this product within 12 months after first opening. The "Period After Opening" number will vary based on differences upon Cosmetic Skin Solutions products.

Where can I find the net contents, and can I be assured that the stated amount is accurate?
Net contents symbolThe net contents is the amount of product in the bottle. The symbol displayed below following the volume declaration in (ml) guarantees that Cosmetic Skin Solutions LLC products has been filled in accordance with the average system of measures used in compliance with European Union Guidelines.

What is the meaning of this symbol?
Recycle symbolThis symbol denotes that our company contributes to proper disposal and recycling measures. We encourage recycling on the consumer end once product contents have been used up.

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