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The History of Etherium Gold

meteor gifThis very sacred powder is from a trace mineral deposit caused by a meteorite implosion. Etherium Gold includes the monatomic elements of gold, iridium, rhodium, silver, platinum and chromium, also called ORMUS.

Harmonic Innerprizes (originally Etherium Technology) was formed in 1995 upon the discovery of this white mineral deposit near one of earth's high-energy vortex sites in the Shasta Mountain matrix of northern California. The deposit is believed to be the result of a meteorite hit/implosion over 200,000 years ago.

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Discovering Monatomic Gold

This geological event produced Etherium Gold, also known as white gold powder or monatomic gold. This unique natural mineral exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body and has become the basis of research for scientists at Harmonic Innerprizes - what they call the Science of Electromagnatheria. Their findings may explain why the ancients used these sacred vortex sites for spiritual transformation and healing.

The story of the unique discovery of this sacred white powder and subsequent journey into a whole new realm of science is most fascinating:

Patrick Bailey is a well known nutritional research specialist and product developer for the supplement industry. He is perhaps best known as former co-founder and Vice President of Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, a very successful and well-respected supplement company. Under Patrick's guidance, Rainbow Light was the first company to introduce the concept of food-based supplements. Back in 1983, the predominant thought process for product design in the entire industry was simply mega-dose, mega-dose and more mega-dose of USP chemical nutrients.

Patrick's concept of superfoods that are combined with USP nutrients and herbs was revolutionary. Today, there is not one supplement company that does not mimic this idea. So in a very real sense,

Patrick played a major role in shifting the direction of the supplement industry by pioneering the concept of food-based supplements. Prior to his work at Rainbow Light, Patrick developed one of his most well-known creations, Wellness Formula by Source Naturals, a best seller and the premiere immune support formula in health food stores for decades.

Nearly 2 decades ago, Patrick learned of a Native American woman who was using an herb from her land in the Sierra mountains. A professional associate of Patrick's reported that this woman had been getting extraordinary results despite having AIDS and other serious conditions over the course of many years. Having been in product research for over 15 years, Patrick was very skeptical of claims such as these, since he had grown accustomed to hearing wonderful stories about products, only to find out through further investigation that the claims were usually exaggerated.

Several weeks later, a friend of Patrick's had a direct experience with a person who had used the herb to dramatically recover from his bout with AIDS-related issues. Impressed with this new information, Pat obtained samples of both the herb and a white mineral deposit around which the herb grew. Interestingly, he discovered that this same species of herb grows throughout the Sierra mountains, but the Native American woman's plants, growing near the white mineral deposit, were much more abundant and 2-3 times larger than normal.

Patrick was immediately interested in the white mineral, since, as coincidence would have it, he had recently become aware of David Hudson's work in monatomic elements, which generally came from white mineral powders.

Reportedly, these monatomic elements could act as superconductors on the DNA of the cell having both profound health benefits as well as spiritual shifts in consciousness.

Coincidentally, Patrick had recently learned about a lab that specialized in electromagnetic analysis of organic compounds. Upon analysis of his samples, the lab reported that they had never encountered such an extraordinary substance with the presence of magnificent electromagnetic properties.

Understandably, he began to believe he had something special, but felt it required further analysis. Being a researcher, Patrick arranged for a variety of tests to be done on the white mineral powder. The tests included microbiological, ICP-MS analysis, and acute toxicology. The tests confirmed some of the unusual characteristics of the mineral deposit, and found it to be beneficial to humans in small amounts as a supplement.

Additionally, the powder was tested for the presence of monatomic elements. The results are as follows:

Monatomic Analysis:

94 ppm
178 ppm
24 ppm
15 ppm
225 ppm
78 ppm
Results obtained from laser spectrophotometric and neutron activation analysis

As all of this information was being brought to Pat, his enthusiasm increased. Just prior to opening the company for business, he had some sample capsules made up from Etherium Gold which had somehow found their way to a session given by an internationally known and respected intuitive. During the session, someone asked the channel if he would comment on the electromagnetic properties of the capsules he was holding in his hand. The channel said:

"Sir, the capsules you have in your hand are beyond your comprehension of electromagnetic properties. The energetic properties of those capsules will become known in a new science that will be evolving in your space, time reality as Electromagnatheria.

This will be the study of devices, substances and techniques that have the ability of raising the human vibration to be more at one, more at harmony, with the universal vibrations that surround you. This substance and others that are to come forth will assist man in his transformational processes."

Since this information paralleled much of what the electromagnetic scientist had reported. Pat then realized they had indeed found something very sacred and special; something that really wanted and needed to be shared with the rest of the world. Etherium Technology interprets this science of electromagnatheria as the"Link Between Science and Spirituality."

Etherium Gold is one of the key links in this study. Knowledge about how these properties can be detected and developed into other substances comes from studying and analyzing the special properties of Etherium Gold. This knowledge has led to the development of:

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