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The Science of Electromagnatheria

Mystics throughout the ages have referred to humans as "beings of light." It is only now that science has begun to validate the basic premise behind this statement.

The relationship between energy and matter was first elaborated upon in the early 1900s by Albert Einstein with his famous equation E=mc2. Einstein proved that energy and matter are of the same universal substance simply vibrating at different frequencies. Recent advancements in quantum physics suggest that the universe is made of up 98% energy, and only 2% matter. So, why do we continue to focus on the physical instead of the energy that creates it?

Harmonic Innerprizes is a pioneer in an evolving science called electromagnatheria, which is the study of the dynamics of energy and its influence on the physical matter that is created as a result of that influence.

ETHERIUM is defined as "the point where energy transforms into matter."

As you can read in The History of Etherium Gold, an internationally known and respected intuitive stated the following, giving us the name of the science of electromagnatheria:

"Sir, the capsules you have in your hand are beyond your comprehension of electromagnetic properties. The energetic properties of those capsules will become known in a new science that will be evolving in your space, time reality as electromagnatheria. This will be the study of devices, substances and techniques that have the ability of raising the human vibration to be more at one, more at harmony, with the universal vibrations that surround you. This substance and others that are to come forth will assist man in his transformational processes."

Through sophisticated frequency monitoring devices, computerized pattern processing, and Kirlian photography, we observe the energy of a substance and its effects on other substances. We formulate our products by optimizing energy fields most compatible with the subtle energy fields and chakra centers of the body.

Harmonic Innerprizes is an entity whose vision is timely. The electromagnetic fields of our planet and all living organisms connected to it are changing quite dramatically. We believe that these changes are compatible with the prophesied entry into a New Age.

The changes in our human electromagnetic fields are compatible with the prophesied evolution to higher states of consciousness that must occur simultaneously in the creation of a New Age.

Harmonic Analysis

A fascinating study of some Harmonic Innerprizes products was done by Randy Masters, a world expert in sacred geometry and gematria. His published works include a 350-page monograph for Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life workshops. In this report, Randy comments on five specific frequencies of our products as measured by electromagnetic analysis. He looked at such subjects as sound, Fibonacci sequence, and numerical proportions of sacred sites as they relate to the products. Randy summarizes the analysis as follows:

"The frequencies of these three products – Etherium Gold, Chamae Rose Tea, and Colloidal DNA Boost – reveal so many key numbers and "special relationships" in physics, sacred geometry, music, light, aspects of DNA and biology that I suspect the correct use of the products may well contribute to the conscious upleveling and evolvement of the species.

The Etherium products show too many sacred numbers to ignore that there must be a higher order guiding and directing the use of these substances. I would not be surprised to find Etherium Gold re-seeding the Earth's soils and human consciousness."

Attitude About Health

Harmonic Innerprizes is dedicated to the development of products that will assist in the evolution of human consciousness. Patrick Bailey writes the following regarding Harmonic Innerprizes' attitudes about health:

"We are often asked if our products would be good for certain diseases. The most commonly inquired about are cancer, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, and various types of nerve disorders. We realize the need to inquire is paramount, especially when the person involved is a friend or a loved one. While most of you know that our products have been exceptionally successful in many degenerative type conditions, we suggest that the people involved with these recoveries cured themselves through proper thinking and taking responsibility for their lives.

Most of us would certainly agree that Etherium Gold enhances mental awareness, and therefore potentiates the thought process.

Etherium Gold is capable of increasing the power of thought, and subsequently the power of intent. It is therefore very important to keep our focus on health and not on the disease.

We must be very careful because we will create what we think. This is not me talking, this is universal law.

If our constant attention is focused on our disease, it will be very difficult to effect a cure. But on the other hand, if our constant focus is on health, that will manifest also. This is extremely important. This is not a game of semantics, but a deliberate attempt to engage in a significant paradigm shift in how we think about our health, medicine, and our relationship to disease.

These products, when working in conjunction with proper intent and right livelihood, can create conditions within the body that can rebalance dis-ease. While the Etherium Gold and Chamae Rose are more broad spectrum in realigning natural energies, the colloidal products can be more specific in facilitating a return to health."

(Written before Aulterra was created)

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