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Enhance by Aulterra
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Enhance by Aulterra

Optimize DNA Function and Neutralize Environmental Toxins

from Aulterra International
Size: 60 Caps, 500 mg
Item: 4350
Weight: 0.17 lbs
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Enhance is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic mineral elements which can neutralize the effects of electromagnetic field radiation, heavy metals and other toxins on human DNA.

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Enhance Neutralizes the Effects of Toxins in the Body

Enhance is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic mineral elements which can neutralize the effects of electromagnetic field radiation, heavy metals and other toxins on human DNA.

Since you can't live in a bubble, Enhance capsules are the next best thing. Enhance is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic mineral elements which can neutralize the effects of electromagnetic field radiation, heavy metals and other toxins on human DNA. Noted DNA researcher Glen Rein completed a study in which he was able to:

“ . . . clearly demonstrate the ability of the energy from Aulterra's Enhance powder to neutralize the toxic effect of copper on human DNA.” 1

In several studies, it is clearly shown that the energy of Enhance neutralizes the negative effects of toxic elements. In 1996, the University of Idaho conducted toxic soil recovery studies utilizing Enhance powder. Samples of soil contaminated with lead and zinc were mixed with small quantities of Enhance powder. The pre-mixed soil contained 200ppm of lead and the zinc measured 26.8ppm. Two days after mixing Enhance into the soil, the lead measured .5ppm and the zinc measured 6.5ppm.

In 1998, Lockheed Martin conducted another study to determine if Enhance could neutralize radioactive elements. After six months, Enhance successfully reduced the gamma radiation of the control substance by 80%.

How does Enhance neutralize radiation and toxic metals?

All particles coexist as waves and all waves coexist as particles. The subatomic particles that make up toxic substances also exist in waveform. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, but rather change form—Enhance changes the form of harmful EMF particles, rendering them harmless to human DNA. Depending on the detection technology, energy can be 'caught' in either form. Enhance can help ensure that the energy is "caught" in the safe form.

Enhance Optimizes DNA Function

Enhance Optimizes DNA FunctionFor years DNA researchers thought the double helix that holds our genetic code was a stationary structure. Only within the last few years have these same researchers realized that a healthy, normally functioning DNA strand is in a perpetual oscillating motion of winding and unwinding, what is known as the quantum oscillation effect.

Quantum as defined in Taber's Cyclopedia Medical Dictionary is "a unit of radiant energy". Therefore this quantum behavior produces radiant energy, defined as "emitting beams of light."

This "winding and unwinding" of the DNA is associated only with healthy, normally functioning DNA. DNA exposed to toxins will not behave in this same manner, but rather unwinds a little, rewinds, and unwinds a little. When exposed to Enhance, human DNA begins to repair itself, eventually achieving the desired quantum oscillation effect. With Aulterra's Enhance, your body can be in a constant state of healing.

Aulterra's Enhance Helps You Achieve Greater Health and Balance

Incorporating Aulterra's Enhance into your daily health protocol can offer an important protective defense against powerful environmental toxins, including certain forms of radiation. Adding Enhance to your current health regimen can boost benefits from all your health products and promote greater healing, harmony and balance.

This effect can easily be seen in the accompanying Kirlian photography showing a human thumb before and after taking Enhance capsules. The increased energy is vibrantly noticeable.

Aulterra Enhance Kirlian PhotographyLaboratory studies indicate Enhance helps:

  • Activate DNA
  • Enhance cellular activity
  • Neutralize toxic substances
  • Reverse cellular aging

The proprietary Enhance formulation is especially well suited to produce a free flow of energy throughout the body. Ultra-sensitive frequency monitoring devices shows that Aulterra strengthens the energy field of the body and establishes optimal harmonic patterns in 3 to 7 days.

Increases Negative Entropy

The principle of entropy states that matter/energy always proceeds to a state of greater disorder or randomness. Negative entropy refers to reactions which result in increased order—or harmony, healing and balance. In a study conducted by Dr. David R. Hamilton, he noted:

“…the effect of Aulterra's Enhance is identical to what would be expected from a every recorded case, experiments with Aulterra have proceeded in the direction of negative entropy—towards greater harmony and balance.”(2)
See the complete study HERE.
Studies Reveal EMFs and DNA Connection
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You're All Heart - Cardiovascular Health in Women

Increases Oxygenation in the Blood

An important observation recorded by Dr. Curt Grange3 was a dramatic reduction in “sticky blood” or rouleau within 20 minutes of consuming Enhance.

This indicates enhanced oxygenation of red blood cells in the bloodstream. Red blood cells bring much needed oxygen to every part of the body. When oxygen is enhanced, our bodies function better.

Aulterra Energy Pillow - Neutralizes the Effects of Toxins on Your Body

Enhance Energy PillowThe Aulterra Energy Pillow's unique combination of elements can neutralize the effect of heavy metals, EMFs and other toxins. Give an extra boost of healing energy to the areas of your body where you need it the most with the Energy Pillow. Sleep on it, sit on it, rest your back against it. Just keep it close to you to:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Promote calmness
  • Enhance well-being

The pillow is approximately 6" x 6" and available in Purple, Green, Blue, and White. It is made of heavy satin fabric filled with an Enhance powder mix. Unscented.

Care instructions: Pillow may be dabbed with a damp sponge if soiled. Do not wash or submerge in water.

The Neutralizer - EMF Protection for Electronics and Appliances

The Neutralizer EMF Protection for Electronic Devices Aulterra's Enhance formula is used as the active substance in The Neutralizer, the only product on the market that neutralizes the harmful effects of RF/EMF exposure. The Neutralizer is a must for your cell phone, computer, televisions, and other electronic or wireless devices.

The Neutralizer is the only product on the market with in vitro studies that prove human DNA can be protected from the damaging effects of RF/EMF. It reverses bio-electrical patterns emitted by wireless phones and blocks 100% of the detrimental effects from EMFs on human DNA.


  1. Rein, Glen, “Conformational Changes in Human DNA Characterize the Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation”. Quantum Biology Research Lab, 2001
  2. Hamilton, David R., “Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy”, 2000.
  3. Grange, Curt, “Blood Studies with Aulterra”, March, 1997.

Enhance Supplement Facts

Serving Size:

One (1) Capsule

Servings per Container:

60 Capsules

Amount per Serving:

500 mg.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule 2 times daily. Best results are obtained with continuous use. Intended for nutritional use only. As with any product, discontinue use immediately if adverse effects occur.


A proprietary blend of natural rock powders and minerals. Vegetarian capsule.

Manufactured by Aulterra International, Inc.

NOTE: The date on bottom of the bottle is the Manufacturing Date, not the Expiration Date. Enhance is good for 4 years from the Manufacturing Date.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem, or are pregnant. When you receive an item, carefully read all labels, warnings, and directions before use. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on this website.

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