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Vitalzym Extra Strength - 360 Liquid Gelcaps
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Vitalzym Extra Strength - 360 Liquid Gelcaps Vitalzym Extra Strength - 180 Liquid Gelcaps Vitalzym Extra Strength - 60 Liquid Gelcaps Vitalzym Extra Strength Liquid Gelcaps Capsule Size

Vitalzym Extra Strength

Liquid Systemic Enzymes

from World Nutrition
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Vitalzym® Extra Strength contains potent proteolytic enzymes designed to support health and promote healing and repair. It is an extremely effective systemic enzyme blend with a high Serrapeptase content.

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Vitalzym® Extra Strength Liquid Systemic Enzymes

Vitalzym® Extra Strength contains potent proteolytic enzymes designed to support health and promote healing and repair. Enzymes are said to be the “sparks of life.” They are considered keys that can unlock the door to a healthier you because they maintain millions of bodily functions. All metabolism and metabolic processes that occur within the body require enzymes for them to take place. We must have an adequate supply of enzymes to survive. Vitalzym works synergistically to provide total system support.

Vitalzym® Extra Strength liquid enzymes are the world’s leading all-natural, vegetarian systemic enzyme supplement, and the only enzyme product with liquid enzymes. Vitalzym features an unmatched proprietary blend that includes Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Amylase, Protease, Lipase and Amla Extract combined in a base of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil from coconuts. These softgel capsules are available in 60, 180, and 360 count bottles.

Unique Delivery System and Enteric Coated Capsules

Vitalzym® is the only systemic enzyme on the market today boasting the revolutionary enteric-coated, liquid-enzyme delivery system. Unlike many of the competitors’ tablet or powder-based products, Vitalzym’s enteric-coated, liquid-gel system ensures that 100 percent of the enzymes survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and reach the small intestine, where they become available for absorption into the bloodstream and then are dispersed throughout the entire body.†

Every enzyme in Vitalzym® was chosen for its unique purpose. The enzymes are best combined for their synergetic effect upon the body’s function, known as an enzymatic cascade reaction. A single enzyme simply cannot provide the same benefits. Vitalzym’s research and development facilities in Japan chose a specific combination of enzymes to formulate Vitalzym Extra Strength. Each enzyme is at its proper potency (neither too little nor too much). According to Dr. Peter Streichhan, a world-renowned enzyme researcher from Germany, "enzyme mixtures have a wider range of therapeutic advantages than do individual enzymes."1

What does this mean for you? Bottom line, you’ll be enjoying a smaller, easy-to-swallow capsule, taking less capsules per each dose and less doses per day to receive maximum systemic support compared to other systemic enzyme products. Thanks to the advanced delivery system, superior potency, unrivaled absorption rates, and reliable consistency of enzymes, you won’t need to wait three months to see results.

Features of Vitalzym® Extra Strength Liquid Enzymes

Vitalzym bottle flip top lid
Vitalzym Extra Strength has been formulated with a technologically advanced delivery system that allows for reduced dosage and vastly increased effectiveness as compared to other systemic enzyme products.

Vitalzym capsules
  • Liquid enzymes in MCT oil for optimal absorption
  • Enteric coated for ideal release of active ingredients
  • Prolonged enzyme activity for a longer shelf life
  • 100% consistency of enzymes in every capsule
  • Low-heat production for enhanced effectiveness
  • Small pea sized capsules that are easy to swallow
  • 100% non-GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Small and convenient bottle, with flip-top lid
  • Completely recyclable packaging

Feel Great, Look Better, and Increase Healthspan with Systemic Enzymes

Vitalzym® is specially engineered to help support:

  • breakdown of excess tissues and proteins
  • healthy inflammation response
  • healthy blood sugar levels
  • healthy immune system function
  • healthy joint function
  • and so much more

Enzyme Authority Dr. Anthony Cichoke says:

"Every day, researchers throughout the world are discovering new enzymes and new therapeutic uses for them ... Researchers are even studying enzyme replacement therapy devising new treatment methods for diseases that they have historically been unable to treat.This includes many diseases that result from inborn errors of metabolism, such as the inability of the body to make a particular enzyme."1

Vitälzȳm® Liquid Gel Overview presented by Dr. Worden

The Purpose of Enzymes

Our bodies have a variety of functional units, such as a digestive system, an immune system, a cardiovascular system, and a circulatory system. Each system requires energy in order to perform optimally. It just so happens that enzymes provide this much needed energy for the successful completion of each biological function.

What Exactly are Enzymes?

They are proteins that are responsible for every chemical reaction that goes on in your body—governing all functions related to your tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and cells. Every second of our lives, over 3,000 different enzymes are constantly renewing and changing, often at unbelievable speeds.

Enzymes are responsible for everyday bodily processes, such as:
  • Metabolism
  • Digestion
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Liver function
  • Immune regulation
  • Viscosity of blood
  • Cellular detoxification
  • Energy production
  • Stamina
  • Ability to utilize vitamins and minerals

When referring to enzymatic supplements, it's important to distinguish between those used for digestion and those used systemically.

  • Digestive enzymes are taken orally with food in order to help break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for improved digestive function and nutrient absorption.

  • Systemic enzymes, such as those in Vitalzym, are taken orally in between meals on an empty stomach. This way they can be absorbed by the intestines into the bloodstream where the body can utilize them for countless bodily processes.

The History of Enzymes

Enzymes have been studied since the early 1900s. Even though there is over a century's worth of information regarding their use, there is still a lot to learn about them. However, one certainty is that we would not exist without them.

Over the last decade, science has uncovered numerous roles for enzymes than ever thought possible. They initiate millions of reactions within your body. In fact, many health care professionals are now advocating the use of enzymes for various conditions and post-operative healing.

Enzyme Overview by Dr. Donese Worden, N.M.D.

Vitalzym® Systemic Enzyme Therapy for Healthier Bodies

Enzymes are one of the fundamental building materials that are required in all metabolic processes. A deficiency in systemic enzymes can lead to accelerated aging, slower healing, sluggishness, increased aches and pains, and ultimately a weakened immune system.†

Some health care professionals believe that our natural production of enzymes starts to decrease after the age of 27. It is not too long after this that many of us begin to notice symptoms of low enzyme production, which can include:

  • More rapid appearance of aging
  • Slow wound healing
  • Poor exercise recovery
  • Increased scarring
  • Poor digestion
  • Fibrosis conditions
  • Internal inflammation
Dr. Anthony Cichoke, enzyme authority, states in his book, Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy, that:

"Our body's ability to function, to repair when injured, and to ward off disease is directly related to the strength and numbers of our enzymes.”1

Supplemental enzymes like those in Vitalzym Extra Strength, Vitalzym Cardio, and Vitalzym Original Hybrid Formula along with proper diet and exercise can help to maintain your normal enzyme levels and balance your body's own repair mechanisms. They can also help support a healthy inflammation response and minimize fibrosis conditions.†

Further Reading on Systemic Enzymes and Vitalzym

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Did you know that 20-50% of women of childbearing age have uterine fibroids?

Other Vitalzym® Products Available


Vitalzym Original



  1. Cichoke Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy, (Keats Publishing, Chicago, IL, 2000)
  2. Ernst E., Matrai A.: Oral Therapy with proteolytic enzymes for modifying blood rheology. Klin Wschr. 65 (1987), 994.
  3. Kunze R., Ransberger K., et at: Humoral immunomodulatory capacity of proteases in immune complex decomposition and formation. First International symposium on combination therapies, Washington, DC, 1991.
  4. Jager H.: Hydrolytic Enzymes in the therapy of HIV disease. Zeitschr. Allgemeinmed., 19 (1990), 160.
  5. Bartsch W.: The treatment of herpes zoster using proteolytic enzymes. Der Informierte Arzt. 2 (1974), 424-429.

Why Buy Vitalzym from Energetic Nutrition?

  • We are an Authorized World Nutrition Retailer, and one of their largest worldwide retailers.
  • We receive a fresh supply of products every week, which is kept under climate control.
  • We have been in business since 1996, and a trusted website since 1997.
  • Order by 12pm PST and we'll ship the same day (exceptions may apply).
  • Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions by phone, email, or live chat.
  • We are known for our excellent customer service and educational support.
  • We truly care about your health, and we really appreciate your business!

The Delivery System Benefits of Vitalzym

DuodenumLooking at the delivery system refers to how the enzymes are manufactured, whether it is a powder inside a capsule, a tablet, or as an enteric coated capsule—which is the most effective, state of the art delivery system on the market today. Include liquid enzymes in that enteric coated capsule, and you have the most effective systemic enzyme product available.

Benefits of Liquid Enzymes

  1. Provides more uniform dose distribution of the enzymes
  2. Enzymes with a higher degree of purity and less moisture
  3. Low heat production to prevent enzyme activity loss

Benefits of Enteric Coating

  1. Protects capsule contents from acidic environments of stomach.
  2. After passing through the stomach, the capsule is easily broken down in pancreatic juices in the duodenum* (pH 6-8).
  3. Enables absorption of enzymes, at their highest activity levels, in the small intestine.

Note: Not all enzymes are manufactured with enteric coating, and so often a premature release of certain enzymes can cause minimal if any absorption of the ingredients in the bloodstream where they belong.

*(approximately 1st 10" of small intestine)

Solubilized Liquid Enzyme Filled Gel Capsule

Vitalzym Enteric Coated CapsulesAt the center of the advanced delivery system is the Solubilized Liquid Enzyme Filled Gel Capsule used to enhance the absorption of Vitalzym. The technology of liquid-filled capsules is superior to that of capsules filled with powder because it uses low heat production, provides more uniform dose distribution, and prolongs enzyme activity.

Optimal Distribution – Liquid enzyme blends provide a more uniform dose consistency, because the mixing of liquids allows for optimal particle distribution. In powder formulations, each particle of a different enzyme is different in size, causing greater friction between particles during mixing. Excipients are introduced to powder formulations to increase the mixability, but liquids still provide far more even distribution of ingredients, allowing for more consistent dosages in each capsule.

Prolonged Enzyme Activity – Enzymes always retain some amount of moisture when they are produced. Enzymes, as proteins, are more susceptible to denaturation at higher moisture. However, even with lower moisture, enzyme powders will lose some of their activity over time, resulting in a loss of up to 20% of activity over a 12-month period. Vitalzym® enzymes are combined in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil derived from coconuts. It is then decompressed during the manufacturing process, which removes the moisture completely. As a result, the loss of enzyme activity over time due to moisture will not occur after Vitalzym is produced, maintaining nearly 100% of the activity levels.

Low Heat Production – Powder enzyme blends are available today that use an enteric coating, but they are typically in tablet form. The disadvantage of these blends is the amount of heat created with compressing the ingredients into a tablet. Enzymes are susceptible to high temperatures and may begin to degrade during the manufacturing process. Solubilized Liquid-Filled Gel Capsules allow for an enteric coated enzyme product without activity loss from heat. Throughout all of the processes, Vitalzym is produced under strictly controlled temperature ranges.

Vitalzym® is manufactured to have a 5-year shelf life with no loss of activity when properly stored in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed.

Vitalzym's Enteric Coating

Vitalzym Liquid Systemic Enzymes with Enteric CoatingVitalzym is formulated for use with an enteric coated gel capsule manufactured under pharmaceutical-grade guidelines.

Though revolutionary to nutritional systemic enzyme blends, this enteric coating process is similar to that used in today's most advanced products. The capsule has an all-natural shell barrier that allows it to withstand the extremely low pH levels found in the stomach. Once introduced to the pancreatic juices in the duodenum (upper small intestine), the shell barrier breaks down to release the enzymes it contains. The enzymes are then absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the small intestine.

The manufacturing of Vitalzym Extra Strength undergoes a high level of quality control. This applies to all aspects of making this product. Each individual capsule is eye inspected by two people 2 times. The facility's clean room has the highest quality air sterilization system available today. The facility is a class "100 FED-Std-209 Standard". This is the highest rating that can be achieved in the pharmaceutical industry. This achieves CLEAN to the extent that any person entering the production facility must go through a total body sterilization process.

The enteric coated gel capsule has been designed to pass both the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and JP (Japan Pharmacopeia) disintegration tests for enteric coated capsules. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets the agency guidelines before exportation to the U.S.

Why is Enteric Coating Necessary?

Enteric Coating - State of the Art Delivery SystemWhen taking a typical supplement, the capsule or tablet is swallowed and travels down the esophagus to the stomach. In the stomach, the tablet or capsule is churned and gyrated in the highly acidic digestive secretions with pH 1.0-4.0, for 45 minutes to 2 hours.

If there is anything left of the table or capsule (and its contents), it will be passed through the duodenum to the small intestine.

What determines enzyme effectiveness?

The effectiveness of any systemic enzyme is determined by the amount of activity level in the bloodstream after the enzyme has been absorbed from the small intestine. Systemic enzymes, whose activity is significantly reduced in an acidic environment, must be protected from it for their utmost effectiveness.

Some enzymes will begin to lose their activity once introduced into the low pH (1.0-3.0) acids of the stomach. The amount of activity loss is dependent upon the individual enzyme and the amount of time it spends in the stomach.

What happens to uncoated tablets and capsules?

Stomach acid breaks down tablets and capsules to prematurely release active ingredients (enzymes). The highly acidic environment of the stomach destroys the majority of the enzymes' activities. If the tablet is of poor quality (contains binders and fillers) the product may pass through both the stomach and intestine with no absorption.

Studies have shown that certain unprotected enzymes can lose up to 100% of their activity in fewer than 30 minutes in pH levels below 3.0. The only reliable method of ensuring that 100% of the enzymes are not destroyed by the stomach acid is to enteric-coat the enzymes.

Taking enteric coated Vitalzym can be an effective way to insure that the enzymes in this formula reach the small intestine where they can be absorbed into the bloodstream in order to obtain the utmost effectiveness.

Enzyme Delivery System Comparison

Over the years, there have been various methods of enteric coating to help protect the enzymes that can be destroyed by stomach acid and some have been proven to be more effective than others. As you will see, the latest technology of enteric coating has been used to protect the enzymes in Vitalzym.

Vitälzym®Extra Strength Enteric Coated Liquid Enzyme Gel Capsule

Vitalzym Extra Strength Enteric Coated Liquid-Filled Gel Capsule and Enzyme Absorption The all natural protective coating of Vitalzym® Extra Strength enteric coated liquid gel capsule prevents the enzymes from being destroyed by the stomach acids. The pancreatic juices break down the coating in the duodenum. This makes nearly 100% of the enzyme contents available for absorption into the bloodstream.

Powder-Filled Capsule, Vegetarian or Gelatin

Powder Filled Capsule and Enzyme Absorption Powder filled capsule technology is suitable for contents that are not susceptible to the acidity of the stomach. The capsule and its enzyme are dissolved prematurely in the stomach, resulting in up to 100% destruction of the enzymes within 30 minutes in the extremely low pH environment.

Enteric Coated Tablet

Enteric Coated Tablet and Enzyme Absorption Enteric coated tablets are able to withstand stomach acids; however they must be introduced into a high pH environment for extended periods before dissolving. Since individual pH levels vary, the tablet may dissolve very late in the small intestine or bypass it completely. Many users also complain of the synthetic coating.

Compare Vitalzym® Products

Vitalzym® Product Comparison Chart

Click for Larger View and to Read More

Compare Vitalzym Products

The Benefits and Conveniences of Vitalzym® Extra Strength

Vitalzym® is a trusted name in systemic enzyme supplementation. World Nutrition has produced extremely popular enzyme formulas for years, and now they bring you the latest technology in enzyme production with Vitalzym Extra Strength.

  • Vitalzym capsulesSMALL CAPSULES
    Not everyone is comfortable swallowing a capsule or tablet that is 500mg or more. These capsules are about pea sized, contain fewer milligrams, and yet offer more benefits due to their high potency and absorbability than other enzyme products. This allows you to benefit from taking fewer capsules per dose.

    The capsules themselves have a full USP (pharmaceutical grade) enteric coating for ease of swallowing. Enteric coating also ensures a complete delivery and release of the active ingredients.  With such perfect dispersion, you can expect to receive 100% absolute consistency with every capsule.

    Liquid enzyme capsules provide better consistency of enzymes, higher potency, more concentration, greater purity, freshness, and unparalleled absorption.

    Vitalzym contains the highest serrapeptase enzyme units currently available in the United States.

    The capsules are 100% vegetarian.

  • 100% NON-GMO
    The capsules are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms). No genetic engineering here!

    What could be more convenient? The bottles are smaller than before, and easy to hold in your hand. Just flip the top open, shake out what you need, and you're on your way!

    The Vitalzym Extra Strength bottles are small - the largest being only 4" tall. They are made of recyclable aluminum (yes, they are lined), with recyclable plastic tops.

    This applies to all aspects of making this product. Each individual capsule is EYE INSPECTED by 2 people – 2 TIMES! The facility’s clean room has the highest quality air sterilization system available today.  The facility is a class 100 FED-Std-209 Standard. This is the highest rating that can be achieved in the pharmaceutical industry. This achieves a “CLEAN” to the extent that any person entering the production facility must go through a total body sterilization process.

Customer Testimonials - Vitalzym®

Vitalzym is an incredible product that helps people with a variety of conditions that often cause them much suffering. We are grateful to our customers for taking their time to share their experience and results with Vitalzym. Please note that individual results may vary in both time and experience, and that these testimonies do not necessarily reflect typical results.

We would love to hear from you!

 Within days of taking the enzymes my chronic pain (significantly reduced)! I am pleasantly surprised to say that they also have worked on my digestive issues, food allergies, and aid in my running recovery. I will keep singing your praises! Thanks again. 
– Michelle M, Washington

 I just wanted to say that I think your company is just plain awesome! I will continue to purchase Vitalzym and possibly other products in the future. 
– Shirley H, Washington

 I have used the Vitalzym now for many months and it has helped me tremendously by shrinking down my painful uterine fibroids. I thank you for that! This really does work! 
– Tina B, Wisconsin

 The enzymes are great! I am actually starting to feel like a productive human being again after three years of physical hell! Thanks. 
– Angel, Illinois

  My wife was about to have an operation to remove fibroid tumors, and the pain she endured had been too long and she could not take it any more. Money is tight but sometimes you have to take a chance. We did and the results were more than great. The swelling went down and she says the pain has really eased up. I can tell she feels better so much so that I decided to try Vitalzym, and believe it or not Vitalzym (has helped our family with) all kinds of health problems. We are sold on Vitalzym for life. 
– David C., Oregon

 Greetings! Glad to report that Vitalzym really works! 
– Lupi D, California

 I am so excited. I have only been using Vitalzym for a month and I can already tell it is working. I bought for fibroid relief, and it is working on so many other things too! Thanks! 
– Julie E, Kansas

  Thanks for offering such a great product (Vitalzym Cardio). I look forward to continuing my healthy body. 
– Alicia, California

 I just had to order the product again, it is working wonderfully. 
– Megan L, Connecticut

 I wanted to share with you the fact that Vitalzym has given me such tremendous relief from my fibromyalgia symptoms. When I first started taking it I was desperate and in agony. I couldn't sit, couldn't lie down, standing hurt, everything hurt. Vitalzym has been the one product that I have found to help with the chronic pain, and it wasn't long after starting to take it that I noticed the pain subsiding. Thank you for offering products for someone like myself who believes in natural treatments before chemical complications. 
– Tami H, North Carolina

 Hello. I'm new to the board and glad I found it. I've been taking Vitalzym for almost three months now due to pain from adhesions (endometriosis), and the pain is almost gone. I still have some pain after exercising, but I can exercise longer than before ... I will take the enzymes up to 7 months. Thanks for the great product! 
– D. Leonard,

 I'm loving my first order of Vitalzym and already seeing improvement. 
– Delora P, California

 I have suffered two heart attacks; the last one being in July of 2005. I was given four different pharmaceuticals that left me with no energy, very lethargic and still with pain in and around my heart. My wife had been using Vitalzym with great success and thought I would benefit from Vitalzym Cardio. I am now back on the golf course and have a quality of life that I have not had in a long time, including no heart pain! I attribute this to the Vitalzym Cardio. Thank you for carrying such a wonderful product. 
– Robert M, Nevada

  I wanted to say that this product has helped me in so many ways. I had a bad accident in March of 2007 and was in constant pain up until I ordered the Vitalzym in June 2009. My legs hurt from the top to my knees and doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I went through therapy for months with no improvement. I'd also developed heel spurs and plantar fasciitis which even by themselves were extremely painful ... I ordered your product near the end of June and within days of taking it my pain was almost completely gone!! I am a believer. I just ordered 2 more bottles. The pain in my legs is completely gone now and the foot pain is 100% better. I only feel the pain a little when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom—but I can live with that whereas before it was excruciating! Just wanted to say thanks ... My body hasn't felt this good in years! 
– Tammy S, Tennessee

 I have had rheumatoid arthritis for a couple of years. I have done my homework and tried many different enzyme products. Vitalzym works best. It helps with my pain and stiffness. I use Vitalzym on a regular basis and wouldn't be without it. 
– Carol G., Arizona

 Vitalzym really works. Thanks. 
– Roxanne A, Florida

 At the height of my fibromyalgia, I was taking four different prescription medications to control the pain and fatigue. After much trial and error of mixing natural supplements on my own, I found Vitalzym. Recommended to me by a nutritionist, I began taking eight capsules per day of Vitalzym. After the first month I slowly reduced the amount to four capsules per day, which I still take. I am happy to say that I am back to training for a half marathon and living every day to its fullest and prescription drug free. 
– Kimberly T, California

 I have suffered for many years with severe allergies and continual back pain from injuries sustained while serving in the armed forces as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam conflict. I started taking Vitalzym daily in January, and by March all but the mildest symptoms of my allergies have disappeared and I have had no back pain. I can now enjoy playing golf pain free and allergy free. 
– Jim H, Arizona

Supplement Facts - Vitalzym® Extra Strength

Vitalzym Extra StrengthVitalzym Extra Strength Supplement Facts360 Caps

Serving Size: Three (3) capsules
Servings per container: 120
Amount per serving: 168 mg **

Click HERE to see full label. *Note corn protein is now pH resistant enteric coating.

Vitalzym Extra Strength Supplement FactsVitalzym Extra Strength180 Caps

Serving Size: Three (3) capsules
Servings per container: 60
Amount per serving: 168 mg **

Click HERE to see full label. *Note corn protein is now pH resistant enteric coating.

Vitalzym Extra StrengthVitalzym Extra Strength60 Caps

Serving Size: Three (3) capsules
Servings per container: 20
Amount per serving: 168 mg **

Click HERE to see full label.

Proprietary blend contains:
Bromelain, papain, rutin, amylase, protease, lipase, amla and serrapeptase. For a full description of these ingredients, see the Ingredients page.

Other ingredients:
Medium-chain triglycerides, starch, glycerin, polysaccharide, pH resistant enteric coating*, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, soy lecithin**, citric acid.

Ingredient Notes:

The MCT Oil (Medium-chain triglycerides) is used to enhance the effectiveness of the enzymes by protecting them from degrading. Each capsule contains 82.19 mg of MCT oil, derived from coconuts. If a person takes 10 capsules per day, they are consuming 822 mg of MCT oil.

* The corn protein (pH resistant enteric coating), which is derived from non-GMO corn, is part of the enteric coating around the capsule, and comprises less than 1% of the total product. There has not been a single report of an allergic reaction due to the corn protein in Vitalzym, but we suggest that if you have concerns about allergies please contact your healthcare provider regarding your own personal sensitivity levels prior to taking this product. Corn protein was chosen over commonly-used phthalates (a dangerous plasticizer) for the enteric coating of the Vitalzym capsules.

** The soy lecithin acts an emulsifier, and is only in trace amounts - less than 1% of the entire product. Testing of soy lecithin has confirmed that no phytoestrogens are delivered to the body, and therefore there is no impact on hormones. People with a soy allergy have never reported any issues with Vitalzym capsules.

Vitalzym is natural and 100% vegetarian. It contains no artificial flavors, artificial colors, yeast or gluten. Vitalzym is also lactose free and contains no harmful talc.

Manufactured in Japan for World Nutrition, Inc. Vitalzym® passes both the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and JP (Japan Pharmacopeia) testing for disintegration and dissolution. USP is a publication established in 1820 that contains legally recognized standards of identity, strength, quality, purity, packaging, and labeling for drug substances, dosage forms, and other therapeutic products, including nutritional and dietary supplements. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets the agency guidelines before exportation to the U.S.

Vitalzym bottle is recyclable Vitalzym is protected by a recyclable aluminum can that provides optimal protection for prolonged potency and shelf life.

World Nutrition, Inc. is Committed to Providing Customers with Safe Products

World Nutrition, Inc. currently imports three products from Japan: Extra Strength Vitalzym®, Vitalzym®Xe Professional Strength, and Ketsumeisei.

Original Vitalzym® is manufactured in the United States.

With concerns arising from the 2011 natural disasters in Japan, we want to inform our customers that World Nutrition, Inc. is committed to ensuring that none of the products we ship to our customers are contaminated with radiation.

The following statement is from World Nutrition:

Our manufacturing facility in Japan is located in Shizuoka which is on the southwest side of the island, approximately 250 miles away from where the affected power plant is located. This location brings with it a completely different supply of groundwater. It also has the benefit of having the massive natural barrier of Mt. Fuji, thus defending against the slightest chance of air flow and weather patterns having any effect. This is true especially as the weather moves from west to east – taking any polluted air away from our facility instead of towards it.

More importantly we have numerous steps in place to validate its safety. All of our raw materials are tested upon arrival at our facility overseas. Once those ingredients have passed inspection, the product is manufactured and tested again. Once passed it is prepared for shipment. Our cartage company tests every single thing they carry from Japan, so it is tested again. Once passed, it is brought over to the US. Once it arrives, Customs tests it again. After it passes the FDA does their inspection and tests it again, since the product is registered as a food supplement. Once they pass and release it, the product goes to our fulfillment center. We have a lab that we work with here in Arizona where we send randomly pulled samples from our shipment for testing. Once they pass it, only then do we accept it into our inventory. It is a very costly and elaborate process, but once we have all 6 different validations of its safety – all from different independent sources – then we feel quite comfortable offering the product to our customers.

When we say "passed," we do not mean that it is deemed by a handful of people to be at a tolerable level… we mean it has come back with an reading of ZERO radiation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact World Nutrition at 800-548-2710.

Suggested Use - Vitalzym® Extra Strength

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Take capsules at least 30 minutes before a meal, 60 minutes after a meal, or any time in-between meals. Or, take an activation dose as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Read Vitalzym Suggested Use for further guidance.

WARNING: DO NOT take Vitalzym without the consent of your physician if you are lactating or currently taking prescription anticoagulants (blood thinners). As always, you should consult with a health care professional and/or pharmacist if you are taking prescription medications and would like to include dietary supplements into your regimen.

  • If you are pregnant, consult with a doctor prior to using.
  • If you are pregnant AND have uterine fibroids, do not take Vitalzym.
  • If you have bleeding ulcers, or are a hemophiliac, avoid using Vitalzym.
  • Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.
  • Anyone who has ever suffered intracranial (brain) bleeding, or who has had neurosurgery or ischemic stroke in the previous six months, should avoid these enzymes.
Caution Regarding Serrapeptase

Not everyone should take Serrapeptase. This includes:

  • People with bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia or a group of diseases called "hemorrhagic diathesis", should not use this natural product.

  • People with ongoing bleeding problems, including ulcers, recent surgery, recent major trauma, or hemorrhoids also should not use serrapeptase.

  • Those with severe uncontrolled high blood pressure should also refrain from taking nattokinase and serrapeptase.
Detoxification Effects

During the detoxification process, medications that have been stored in the liver may cause one to experience side effects that are related to its use and would not be considered a side effect from Vitalzym.

Please talk with a health care professional if you feel you may be having symptoms that are unrelated to detoxing. Detoxification effects that can occur when taking Vitalzym can include heart palpitations for some individuals. If this occurs, you can reduce your dose to minimize the cleansing response. If you do experience heart palpitations that you feel may be unrelated to detoxing, please consult with a health care professional.

Medication Interactions

Additionally, Vitalzym can increase the effectiveness of certain medications; another reason to consult with a doctor or pharmacist prior to using them if taking prescription drugs.

Side Effects

Dr. Cichoke says, "There appear to be no side effects of long-term duration when taking oral enzymes. Temporary side effects (that will disappear when therapy is discontinued or reduced); include changes in the color, consistency, and odor of the stool. Gastrointestinal disturbances, such as flatulence, a feeling of fullness, diarrhea, or nausea, may occur in individual cases, and minor allergic reactions (reddening of the skin) are rare and occur only with high doses." He also goes on to say that no detriment has been associated with long term usage of supplemental enzymes and best results can be seen when doses are divided throughout the day rather than taken all at one time.1


1. Cichoke Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy, (Keats Publishing, Chicago, IL, 2000)

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