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Aulterra 60 Veggie Caps
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Aulterra 60 Veggie Caps Aulterra 240 Veggie Caps Aulterra 1 oz Powder Aulterra 1 oz Spray


Nutrient Optimizer

from Harmonic Innerprizes
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Aulterra has been shown in laboratory studies to positively enhance DNA function, improve the bioavailability of foods and dietary supplements, and neutralize heavy metals in the body. It improves the biological aging index, enhances oxygenation to all bodily tissues, and more. Aulterra simply makes the body work better.

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Aulterra - Nutrient Optimizer

  • HN-all-natural
  • HX-veg-cap
  • MA-additive-free
  • MW-wheat-free
  • ND-dairy-free
  • OS-soy-free
  • PY-yeast-free
  • QH-non-gmo

Aulterra is formulated from two naturally occurring trace mineral deposits, kelp, and a proprietary succussion process. It is a multifaceted, multidimensional product that promotes a higher octave of energy throughout the body, enabling the body to achieve states of health that may have been elusive in the past.

Aulterra has been shown in laboratory studies to positively enhance DNA function, improve the bioavailability of foods and dietary supplements, and neutralize toxins in the body.† It may improve the biological aging index, enhance oxygenation to all bodily tissues, and more.† Aulterra simply makes the body work better.

When consumed, laboratory studies indicate Aulterra may:

  • Activate DNA†
  • Enhance cellular activity†
  • Neutralize toxic substances†
  • Reverses cellular aging†

Aulterra releases energetic interference and restores harmony to any substance. Ultra-sensitive frequency monitoring devices shows that Aulterra strengthens the energy field of the body and establishes optimal harmonic patterns in 3 to 7 days.

What Scientists Say About Aulterra

Dr. David R. Hamilton states in his research paper; Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy" that Aulterra moves whatever it comes in contact with toward negative entropy. Aulterra moves matter and energy in the direction of greater unity and harmony. Dr. Hamilton further observes that the same quantum mechanics involved in healing is identical to the radiant energy emitted from Aulterra. †

Dr. Glen Rein Ph.D. in his laboratory study; Conformational Changes in Human DNA Characterize the Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation", states that the energy of Aulterra puts the double helix of the DNA in a quantum oscillation pattern. This oscillation pattern generates radiant energy within itself, making it possible for radiant energy to be produced by every cell in the body. Perhaps this is the mechanics behind what futuristic thinkers claim when they state that we are evolving into our "light bodies".

Mr. Bruce Tainio is a renowned scientist in his field, and Harmonic Innerprizes is very fortunate to have his expertise available. The following is a reduced version of his report on Aulterra:

Aulterra brings a new frontier to the electromagnetic healing horizon. Aulterra comes from a unique blend of rock minerals that set up high electrical potentials, and upon blending these minerals, high standing waves are created. During the actual production process of Aulterra, intention is programmed into it. Aulterra has the remarkable ability to actually hold, carry, and plant this intention into any properties wherein it is utilized. The intention of the maker of Aulterra is that illness is only an illusion and is not permitted under Universal Laws of Balance. Therefore, the intention of Aulterra is to remove the illusion of imperfection. This is a hard concept for most academia to accept, but laboratory tests thus far have proven Aulterra's ability to do exactly that.
More Examples of Aulterra's Effect
  • When Aulterra was added to a composite of organic substances with the intent of microbially digesting the material, the total microbial count in the Aulterra batch was 7.2 times greater than the controlled material incubated under the same time and temperature conditions.

  • When Aulterra was placed in a ground, organic food product which had a high E. Coli and coliform count, it reduced the count to less than the lowest detectable level.

  • In a university test, Aulterra was applied to soils containing high levels of lead and zinc. The lead came down in 18 hours from 80 ppm to 0.2 ppm and the zinc had similar reductions. Is this Alchemy? No, it is simply the transmutation of the elements which were out of balance with the universal laws. The illusion of imperfection was removed by the intentionally programmed Aulterra.

Aulterra and EMFs

Aulterra Neutralizer for EMF Protection

Aulterra is the active substance in The Neutralizer, the only product on the market that neutralizes the harmful effects of RF/EMF exposure. The Neutralizer is a must for your cell phone, televisions, and other electronic or wireless devices.

Results of Extensive Independent Testing for Aulterra

Aulterra has undergone extensive testing at an independent research facility and scientists there are astonished at the results that they observe with this amazing substance.

Laboratory studies on Aulterra confirm the following:

  1. Aulterra increases the utilization and effectiveness to the body of any substance; including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and herbs, and foodstuff by 30% to 60%. Read More

  2. Aulterra activates DNA. When DNA is oscillating at optimal efficiency it opens the potential for a constant state of health. Read More

  3. Aulterra neutralizes the harmful effects of toxic substances, including toxins in the body. This is accomplished through electromagnetic dynamics that reverses the negative spin of any toxic substance to positive. Read More

Additionally, when added to food or beverages, Aulterra dramatically increases the frequency dynamics of the energy fields. It also improves enzymatic breakdown of food and increases its bioavailability.

Aulterra will balance and electromagnetically harmonize any substance that it comes in contact with, in three to seven days. Aulterra creates balance and harmony by removing all foreign electromagnetic interferences that may be present within the substance. "Substance" may be defined as your food, your garden, or your body. This allows the highest potential of any substance to come forth at any given point in time.

Aulterra is a prerequisite to any serious health program.

When Aulterra is taken with any dietary supplement, it will increase that supplement's bioavailability and energy potential. Quite often, equal benefit from another supplement is obtained with only a fraction of the recommended dosage.

Aulterra is formulated through a special proprietary process that amplifies its effects. A 300x preparation is created and processed back into the mother ingredient. This process harmonizes the essence of Aulterra with the substance of Aulterra.

1. Increased Utilization of Food and Dietary Supplements

Making better use of our personal resources is important. Whether that is making better use of our time so we can accomplish more within a 24-hour time period or having extra time to spend with friends and family. Make better use of energy by becoming energy efficient in our home and workplace. Just as driving fuel-efficient cars has become more of a necessity, Aulterra provides the opportunity for us to be more efficient with our most important possession—our body.

There is not a scientist, doctor, government official, or even a lawyer that would argue with the fact that our food is nutritionally deficient. The demineralization of our soils and the flagrant use of toxic insecticides and chemical fertilizers have reduced the nutritional value of our food by 80% over the last 50 years. This is the main reason why many doctors and health experts all over the world recommend dietary supplements.

Additionally, we pay over eight times more today for our nutritionally deficient food than we did twenty years ago. This is primarily due to the flawed agricultural policies of many countries and the corporations who put their profits before your well-being and that of our planet.

In order to stay healthy, many choose to pay a premium for organic foods. Many more buy dietary supplements, believing it is the answer for any hope of staying healthy in an increasingly toxic world. It seems that the cost of staying healthy is only exceeded by the cost of being sick.

However, with Aulterra, we can enhance the utilization of food and dietary supplements by 30% - 60%! We can either choose to increase the value of our food intake—giving the body more solid nutrition—or we can choose to decrease our consumption, and save money at the food store.

Read Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

NOTE: These results are obtained by sprinkling Aulterra directly on the food or supplements ready to be consumed. All testing was done with Aulterra coming into direct contact with the substance. Taking a capsule with the meal may or may not produce the stated results.

2. DNA and its Relationship to Ultimate Health and Evolution

For years DNA researchers thought the double helix that holds our genetic code was a stationary structure. Only within the last few years have these same researchers realized that a healthy, normally functioning DNA strand is in a perpetual oscillating motion of winding and unwinding.

DNA unwinds when the hydrogen bonds that hold the helix together are broken by noxious stimuli. As it recovers, it spontaneously rewinds. However, when in an environment of harmonic electromagnetic fields, the unwinding and rewinding become oscillatory in nature. The helix rewinds, and then unwinds a little, rewinds, and unwinds a little.

When this oscillatory pattern is a constant, quantum coherence occurs. Aulterra induces this quantum behavior in DNA. Quantum as defined in Taber's Medical Dictionary as, "a unit of radiant energy." Therefore this quantum behavior produces radiant energy. Radiant is defined as, "emitting beams of light."

Many spiritual visionaries have always talked about living in the "Light". Indeed, Jesus said, "Ye are the Light of the world." The phrase, "Let there be Light," is used by many religious denominations to foster blessings. Aulterra takes the possibility of living in the Light to a new and profound reality.

Many scientific visionaries have stated that DNA is at the core of our evolutionary destination, especially in these times of extraordinary change. What could be more significant than optimizing DNA function so that the oscillation pattern, which can be activated by Aulterra, becomes the reality of every cell in our body? Would we not live in a constant state of health? Would we not evolve to our highest potential? Most DNA researchers believe so.

Read Conformational Changes In Human DNA Characterize The Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation

3. Aulterra Neutralizes the Effects of Toxic Chemicals and Toxins in the Body

In several studies, it clearly shows that the energy of Aulterra neutralizes the negative effects of toxic elements. In 1996, the University of Idaho conducted toxic soil recovery studies utilizing Aulterra powder. Samples of soil contaminated with lead and zinc were mixed with small quantities of Aulterra powder. The pre-mixed soil contained 200ppm of lead and the zinc measured 26.8ppm. Two days after mixing Aulterra into the soil, the lead measured .5ppm and the zinc measured 6.5ppm.

In 1998, Lockheed Martin conducted another study to determine if Aulterra could neutralize radioactive elements. After six months, Aulterra successfully reduced the gamma radiation of the control substance by 80%.

How does Aulterra neutralize radiation and toxic metals? All particles coexist as waves and all waves coexist as particles. Another way to say it is that matter oscillates between particle and wave-form. While energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can be influenced to change form. The subatomic particles that make up the lead and zinc also exist in waveform. Depending on the detection technology, this energy can be 'caught' in either form, rendering it harmless to DNA.

In the DNA study, it was shown that Aulterra neutralized the negative effects of copper on DNA. Although the scientific principles of intention and biological information transfer should be identical for any noxious substance, research continues to be able to confirm that Aulterra neutralizes all heavy metals in any biological system.

Read Conformational Changes In Human DNA Characterize The Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation

Supplement Facts - Aulterra

Powder and Capsules Contain: Aulterra is a naturally occurring deposit from an ancient seabed that supplies monatomic and other minerals elements.

Aulterra Powder by Harmonic InnerprizesAulterra Powder product label Powder - For body weight 110lbs or more, take one serving daily with meals. Place 1/8 tsp powder directly under the tongue. You may desire to take a sip of pure water. An alternative is to dilute 1/8 tsp in pure water and drink slowly, holding in the mouth until absorbed. 48 servings per container. Amount per 1/8 tsp: 600 mg.

For balancing and potentizing food, sprinkle 1/16 tsp. powder directly over food. For optimizing the utilization of other supplements, orally take the remaining 1/16 tsp. of powder with the supplements.

Click to see entire label.

PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Aulterra Capsules by Harmonic InnerprizesAulterra Capsules product label Capsules - Take 1 capsule 1-2 times per day. 60 or 240 vegetarian capsules per container. 300 mg per capsule.

For balancing and potentizing food, sprinkle one-half of capsule contents directly over food. For optimizing the utilization of other supplements, orally take the remaining 1/2 capsule with the supplements.

Click to see 60 caps or 240 caps label.

PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Aulterra Homeopathic Spray Aulterra Homeopathic Spray Supp Facts Homeopathic Spray - Deionized water, 1M dilution Aulterra trace minerals, rosemary. With conscious intention, 3 sprays directly into mouth, once or twice daily preferably between meals. Or 3 sprays into a glass containing 1 teaspoon of pure water. Swirl clockwise several moments before consuming. Hold the water in your mouth until absorbed.

Contains 70 servings.

Click to see entire label.

Read about the Etherium Homeopathic Essences.

Additional Comments

It is recommended you start with one dose per day until you develop a relationship with Aulterra. After that, take it when you are guided to do so. This may be two or three times a day, or you may not take it for a day or two.

See How to Use the Etherium Sacred Powders for further instruction.

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Manufactured by Harmonic Innerprizes, Inc.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem, or are pregnant. When you receive an item, carefully read all labels, warnings, and directions before use. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on this website.