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Colloidal Defense (Silver)
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Colloidal Defense (Silver)

An Evolutionary Step Beyond Simple Colloidal Silver from Harmonic Innerprizes
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Size: Amber bottle with dropper 2 fl. oz.
Item: 9500
Weight: 0.50 lbs
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Colloidal Defense is a highly effective colloidal silver formula with a combination of silver, gold and silica. It supports respiratory health and provides excellent immune support without excess silver.

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Colloidal Silver is very popular among the health conscious. Why? Simply because it works! Colloidal Defense is a highly effective product that combines gold, silver, and silica into a unique combination. Traditional colloidal silver products rely solely on the antimicrobial properties of silver. These products typically rely on significant levels of silver for effectiveness. The problem becomes too much silver is toxic to the body.

Colloidal Defense uses relatively small amounts of gold and silver because we find the specific combination is more effective than high amounts of silver alone. Gold will potentiate the effect of silver. Silica stabilizes the electromagnetic frequency created by this combination. It is this frequency that stimulates the immune system.

  • The Bioenergetic repatterning signal of bone marrow is transferred to the body, stimulating the immune system to produce T-cells.
  • T-cells are the body's first defense against viruses, fungi, yeast and certain bacteria.
  • Effective against streptococcus bacteria and candida albicans (yeast) as observed under dark field microscopy.
  • May be taken internally or applied directly to the source.
  • The perfect adjunct to any therapy where immune support is important.

The addition of Gold and Silica has a dramatic effect which enhances and expands the antimicrobial properties of the silver. Gold helps strengthen immune function and helps optimize DNA potential while Silica carries specific harmonic frequencies for optimal cellular protection from foreign organisms. These elements, when combined with Silver, require less than 10ppm to create a specific electromagnetic frequency that stimulates the immune system to produce T-CELLS, the body's first line of defense against viruses, parasites, fungi and certain bacteria. This allows the body to cure itself and nurtures the return to a healthy state of balance.

Laboratory Study

Harmonic Innerprizes tested Colloidal Defense under Dark Field Microscopy. Dark Field protocol is a well accepted test for determining the vitality of the blood, measuring the size and activity of both the red (erythrocyte) and white (leukocyte) blood cells. It can also detect and identify foreign organisms such as, viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites in the blood.

The study involved 5 volunteers ages 18 - 55 that ate the same diet for 24 hours. A blood sample was taken and evaluated. Two half droppers of Defense was administered sublingually. Another blood sample was taken 15 minutes after ingestion of the product.

The results showed that Colloidal Defense effectively removes rod-form and L-form bacteria from the blood. Rod form bacteria is disease causing. L-form bacteria grow from the natural flora in the body when conditions are too acidic. While not disease causing in their own right, the toxins produced from their reproduction are very weakening to the body and increases susceptibility to disease. They also serve as a marker for the blood being too acidic.

Interestingly, Colloidal Defense also improves the vitality of erythrocytes and increases the size, population, and activity of leukocytes. Leukocytes act as scavengers helping the body to fight infection. By additionally promoting the vitality of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) indicates that Colloidal Defense is an effective therapy for anemic conditions, and considerably less toxic than many iron dietary supplements.

Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine has the following to say:

"As far as the Colloidal Silver, Silica, and Gold, this product seems to have some positive healing effects on the tissues of the body, as per Dr. Steven Lewis's analysis. In fact, he found that nearly everyone he tested on his instrumentation showed a positive benefit from using this colloidal solution. It may also have some mild stimulating effects upon the etheric and subtle bodies as well."

Our Superior Colloidal Formulas

Harmonic Innerprizes utilizes the most advanced and sophisticated techniques ever developed for colloidal systems to produce our products. Our colloidals are superior to any other colloid on the market. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • FREQUENCY OF HEALTHY DNA - Our deionized water medium is electronically charged with the composite frequency of the 54 mineral elements known to be necessary for normal DNA function, according to European research.

  • PARTICLES POSITIVELY CHARGED - We use only 99.999% pure minerals. These minerals are then electrostatically prepared into ultra fine positively charged particles that stay in suspension. These particles are up to 7,000 times smaller than red blood cells.

  • PARTICLES NOT ABSORBED - Because Harmonic Innerprizes's colloids are positively charged, no absorption takes place. It's effectiveness is dependant upon it's electromagnetic frequencies and patterns, not absorption into the body. Therefore, the product is 100% non-toxic.

  • BIOENERGETIC TRANSFER - Each formula is tuned to a specific electromagnetic frequency that enhances it's performance. This facilitates the desired state of balance and health within the body and enhances immune function.

  • 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE - May be used safely during pregnancy and for children of any age.

  • ECONOMICAL - Only 1/4 teaspoon daily at bedtime for complete health maintenance.

  • NO STABILIZERS OR DYES - Etherium Technology uses absolutely NO stabilizers or dyes in any of their products.

Harmonic Innerprizes has developed an evolutionary product formulation concept based on energy fields and biological compatibility. We measure the biological usefulness of a product by utilizing high technology equipment that measures energy fields. The products, by being more harmonically aligned with our biological systems, provide nutrients that may be metabolized more effectively by the body.

A tremendous breakthrough beyond both conventional and alternative biochemical therapies. Formulated through Harmonic Innerprizes's Energy Field Formulation process, the colloidals serve as a medium for transferring healthy bioenergetic signals to the body. The body is reminded to heal itself naturally through the repatterning and entrainment of resonant fields which direct normal cellular expression.

How to Test for Colloidal Quality

Did you know that most colloidal products have anywhere between 50 and 500ppm of the mineral? These potencies can kill friendly bacteria and be quite toxic to the system. Our colloidals are less than 10ppm, so there is no potential of toxicity. And remember it's all in the frequency. That's what makes this product an exclusive. It reminds the body to heal itself naturally through the repatterning and entrainment of resonant fields which direct normal cellular expression.

With so many colloidal silver and colloidal gold products flooding the market, how is the consumer to determine which is the best? First, when it comes to colloids, more is not better. Some colloidal products are now being produced containing up to 500ppm (parts per million)! These are potentially toxic levels and a classic example of pharmaceutical mentality corrupting wholistic medicine. A quality colloid only requires less than 10ppm to be most effective.

Here is a simple test consumers can do to assure that they have a high quality colloidal silver:

  1. Pour one or two ounces of colloidal mineral product into a test tube or small clear glass container. Observe the color. Quality electrostatic colloidal silver should be clear, with a very faint hint of amber/gray color. Colors, ranging from yellow to dark brown, indicate that the size of silver particles is getting larger and/or a dye has been added.

  2. In a darkened room, take a bright pen light and shine it through the glass. You should see a cloudy beam of light that fans out into a cone shape. This is known as the Faraday-Tyndal cone effect. The cloudier the beam of light, the wider the angle of cone, the more particles there are in suspension. If the beam of light is not cone shaped, but continues along a straight path, you do not have a true colloidal product.

  3. Next, let the product sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours. If sediment occurs in the bottom, particles have fallen out of solution and you have an inferior or damaged product. A high quality colloid uses only 99.999% pure minerals that are electrostatically processed into ultra fine, positively charged particles. This process keeps particles suspended because of their small size, from .01 to .001 microns. The positive charge keeps them repelled against each other and they will remain suspended.


"I have suffered from degenerative bone loss around one tooth for years, nothing would help. After only 1 week of using your Colloidal Defense for immune protection, I was amazed to find the pain in my mouth was gone. I have been completely pain free for over a year, and my dentist informs me that the 8mm pockets I once had are gone, with no evidence of bone loss!" - J.W., Santa Cruz, CA

"This school year, I added your colloidal products to our health regiment. Whenever I sensed my children starting to feel weak and out of balance, I would give them both a single dose of DNA Boost and the Colloidal Defense. They have not been sick since, and for being in kindergarten and preschool where germs are freely exchanged, this is an amazing fact. Thank you so much for such fine and truly effective products." - L.D., Saratoga, CA

"My throat is my weak area, so when I am exposed to a virus, my throat is the first to protest - with soreness. When this occured recently, I took a few doses of Colloidal Defense; and the next day the sore throat was gone and I did not succumb to the virus. One woman eliminated a sinus infection that she had been suffering with for days by taking Colloidal Defenseover a weekend. A small dose was given to a baby with a cold and runny nose, and it was eliminated overnight. The secret is to start with Colloidal Defnese immediately upon the appearance of any symptons. That seems the best way to stop it in it's tracks. Even if you are in the throes of a virus or infection, take the Colloidal Defense anyway and you may find that it shortens the period of illness. I also have had success in clearing up two absessed teeth and preventing their removal." - Lorraine, Energetic Nutrition

Supplement Facts

Colloidal Defense Label

Click to see entire label.

Other Ingredients: De-ionized water, colloidal silica.

Colloidal Defense is made from pure 99.99% gold and silver. Colloidal silica is pharmaceutical grade. It is also safe for children of all ages.

Colloidal Defense is completely non-toxic and safe for even small children.

Suggested Use

Instructions for Use: Consume 1 dropper directly into the mouth. Best taken at bedtime. Do not take within one hour of eating food, or within one hour of taking other health products (okay to take with other Harmonic Innerprizes colloidal formulas). Always consume at times of relaxation. Children: 1/2 adult dosage. For more acute conditions, or at the onset of illness such as a cold, 2 droppers, 2-3 times per day may be appropriate for a period of time. Once symptoms subside, reduce dosage until condition ends.

Topical Use: Excellent for skin irritations and eruptions caused by toxicity from within. Safe for applications with eyes and ears. Put contents of dropper on cotton and apply to afflicted skin. Repeat every three or four hours until improvement is noticed.

Additional Comments: Some clinical observations show the benefits of colloidals can be extended if, after a month of taking the product on a daily basis in accordance with label instructions, the dosage is alternated to a cycle of three days on and three days off. Don't be fooled by the price. While Harmonic Innerprizes's Colloidal Defense may appear to be more expensive than other similar products, most of them require dosages four to six times more than ours for effectiveness.

Special Instructions: Shake well before using. Store at room temperatures, away from electromagnetic interference such as televisions, computers, and microwave ovens.


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